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Washington is using the opposition in Hong Kong to put pressure on Beijing

The internal motivations for improving China-Russia relations are increasingly stronger

The US really does not cherish the huge market China offers

China's determination to resist US pressure much stronger than when the trade war started

China is willing to do whatever it takes if the US continues to sever Chinese companies supply chains

Huawei package incident either shows poor quality of FedEx's service or it's playing a disgraceful role

China will fight until the end if the US takes China as enemy and wants it knocked down

The US won't reach any favorable deal with Japan or Europe for China will never back down

China is fighting for the country's economic, scientific and technological sovereignty

China is now reassured and ready for a protracted trade war

Huawei's CEO exhibited broad-mindedness, and US government could learn from his attitude

Huawei is already leading in the research and development of chips