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US convicting Iran of a crime without any credible evidence is a bane for the world order

The trade war cannot stop China's economic development

Bolton is clearly one of the players pushing China-US relations to a deep impasse

Current US govt needs to reflect on its aggressive polices 18 years post 9/11

Chinese economy undergoing powerful upgrade despite China's import and export decline

Excessively propagating the China threat will only isolate the US

China and the US must fill the gap in basic attitudes to reach a trade agreement

Rumoring about Lam's resignation and Beijing's rejection reflects West media's loss of objectivity

The US has become source of world's turmoil for its uncertainty and willfulness on policy

Hong Kong police have shown restraint in violent clash

China will not succumb even if US companies all leave China

Westerners & Hongkongers' prejudiced attitude toward Chinese mainland laws could cause big jokes