About the Global Times

China changes every day. Sleepy villages transform into bustling suburbs, young hopefuls shoot to stardom online, and factories sprawl across former farmland while the farmers themselves face an uncertain future. As millions prosper, others find themselves stranded for the moment by the shifting tides of change.

The shock and thrill of the new is everywhere: new ideas, new brands, new stars, new words. Every hour sees a story break somewhere in this vast nation, whether from a corporate headquarters in Beijing or a mountain hamlet in Yunnan. 

The English-language Global Times is your key to understanding China’s changes. Founded in April 2009, the paper is one of the most dynamic players among Chinese media, and has rapidly become the major English newspaper in the nation. 

The Chinese public is not satisfied with old orthodoxies and stale stories, and neither is the Global Times. It provides in-depth coverage of controversial stories, from child AIDS victims to urban renewal, forced demolition and the fight against corruption. Its opinion pages feature heated debate over tough issues such as China’s use of the death penalty, the challenges of forming a new international order, and the nation’s growing wealth gap. 

The newspaper has become essential reading for every China-watcher. Jorge Guajardo, the Mexican Ambassador to China, describes the Global Times as “a must read for anyone wanting to understand China.” 

A measure of the Global Times’ success is the attention it has drawn from international press. Foreign media view the Global Times as a trustworthy source. The Economist calls it a “remarkable innovation,” which addresses “realms once thought taboo.” The Wall Street Journal praises its “insightful stories.” 

The Global Times’ readers, both foreign and Chinese, include ambassadors, business leaders, politicians, and intellectuals. China’s top universities use the newspaper as a teaching tool for the nation’s future elite. 

The Global Times’ unique partnership with the Global Poll Center keeps its finger on the pulse of the Chinese public, while an expanding online presence makes its unique insights even more accessible to a global audience. 

Beijing and Shanghai are joining the list of the world’s greatest cities. That is why the Global Times has 8-page daily supplements for each, keeping its readers up-to-date with what is happening in China’s two most exciting mega-cities.


《环球时报》社 英文版2009年4月20日创刊。它标志着《环球时报》形成报网结合,中英文并举,内外新闻兼顾的事业新格局。英文版GlobalTimes不是简单中文版的翻译,它拥有自己独立的新闻内容和编辑团队,从而避免了中、英文版之间可能产生的冲突和内部市场竞争。而且,两者之间既保持相对独立却又不过分独立:同一期的中、英文报纸都分别刊有英汉、汉英互译“双语新闻”的中文版和英文版,这不仅便于读者语言的习得,还有利于带动中、英文版报纸整体的销售,让报纸以一个“衔接”的面目出现,从而增强整体竞争力。


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