China's cyberspace watchdog announced on Saturday the launch of a two-month campaign aimed at improving the online environment for minors over this year's summer vacation period. The campaign focuses on addressing negative content including fake videos about campus bullying, to create a more positive and secure online environment for young people.
By Global Times | 2024/7/13 13:00:48
  • Chinese delegation for Paris Olympics announced; netizens send blessings

    The Chinese sports delegation for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games was announced in Beijing on Saturday with netizens sending blessings and best wishes that the national sports delegation achieve the best of results and win the highest number of gold medals.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/13 12:44:20
  • CPC navigates China to realizing economic blueprint through deepening reform and opening-up

    As the Communist Party of China (CPC) is expected to convene a crucial reform-themed meeting next week, a look back on China's remarkable achievements in comprehensively deepening reform and opening-up over the past decade, which underpinned China's high-quality development against a complex global geo-economic situation, offers a critical window into what to expect from the upcoming meeting.

    By Chu Daye and Ma Jingjing | 2024/7/12 23:29:22
  • China's anti-doping agency urges US counterpart, Western media to cease baseless accusations about Chinese athletes

    The China Anti-Doping Agency (CHINADA) issued a statement on Friday, saying that a recent interim review report released by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) regarding 23 Chinese swimmers and their non-fault use of trimetazidine not only proves that CHINADA's investigation and handling of the case were reasonable, but also discredits baseless accusations of a “cover-up” from the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), and some Western media reports.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/12 23:01:27
  • China's state security authorities release case of using campus loans to force student to steal national secrets

    China's Ministry of State Security (MSS) released on Friday a case involving a foreign spy intelligence agency using campus loans to pressure and threaten a student borrower through high-interest loans, violent debt collection, and intimidation in order to steal national secrets from China.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/12 15:07:50
  • Cross-Straits exchange event on Yu culture brings Taiwan youth closer to roots of Chinese civilization

    Before visiting Beichuan county, Southwest China's Sichuan Province, members of the young exchange group from the island of Taiwan had already heard about the story of Great Yu who controlled the flood, which is traditionally dated to about 2,300-2,200 BC. But the visit allowed them to stand at the hero's birthplace, so they could feel the importance of Yu in Chinese civilization.

    By Ji Yuqiao and Li Yuche | 2024/7/12 1:25:35
  • Childbearing and child-rearing supporting system set up in China, with maternity leave extended to 158 days or longer

    China has established a childbearing and child-rearing supporting system, with a number of policies rolled out in localities across the country, including extending maternity leave to 158 days or longer, raising childbirth allowance and child-rearing subsidies, and providing more professional and affordable babysitter services at childcare institutions, Central China Television reported on Thursday, the 35th World Population Day, citing officials from China's National Health Commission (NHC).

    By Du Qiongfang | 2024/7/11 21:03:11
  • Driverless ride-hailing accident sparks concerns; high bar for intelligent systems needed: expert

    Concerns about the safety of autonomous driving and the potential gradual replacement of traditional taxis by driverless ones have been raised following an accident involving a driverless ride-hailing car in central China's Hubei Province. Industry observers said the industry is still in a nascent phase and that more support needs to be rolled out to address challenges brought by the development of driverless ride-hailing vehicles.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/7/11 21:06:35
  • Heavy rain claims six lives in Chongqing; emergency response activated

    Six people have been killed as of Thursday in Dianjiang county, Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality following torrential rains. The municipality has activated geological disaster and flood control emergency response in multiple districts and counties.

    By Zhao Yusha | 2024/7/11 20:59:30
  • Guangzhou subways display posters celebrating giant panda Mengmeng's newborn baby

    The display in Guangzhou's metro system, featuring giant panda Mengmeng with the caption "I am now a mother" to celebrate the birth of her female cub on June 18, caught the attention of many Chinese netizens recently.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/11 19:41:07
  • Chinese scientists discover new species similar to vampire squid in South China Sea

    Chinese scientists have discovered a new species similar to the vampire squid in the depths of the South China Sea. The creature belongs to a previously unknown cephalopod from the Vampyroteuthis family.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/11 10:10:57
  • China issues white paper on marine eco-environmental protection

    China on Thursday issued a white paper on marine eco-environmental protection, presenting a full picture of China's ideas, actions, and achievements in marine eco-environmental protection to the international community to facilitate understanding of China's conservation efforts and advance international cooperation in this regard.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/7/11 10:10:10
  • Intl friendship camp kicks off in Shanghai to strengthen people-to-people exchanges

    The 18th Shanghai International Youth Interactive Friendship Camp kicked off on Wednesday in Shanghai, with 112 campers from 16 countries including Chile, France, Germany, the UAE, the US, and China participating in the event, aiming to promote cultural exchange and friendship among young people from different countries and regions.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/7/11 0:41:38
  • Tourists stranded in Xizang following storms, landslides

    Affected by continuous downpours since Saturday, hundreds of people have been stranded in Dinggye County, Southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region, following several severe landslides and mudslides that have halted power and communications. Emergency telecommunications had resumed in disaster-stricken areas as of midnight on Tuesday. So far, 130 remain trapped with road unblocking efforts continuing. A local government official confirmed with the Global Times on Wednesday that there have been no casualties.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/10 21:59:13
  • China's top court issues 1st batch of typical cases for applying extraterritorial laws

    The Supreme People's Court (SPC), China's top court, on Wednesday issued its first batch of typical cases for clarifying and applying extraterritorial laws after the country in 2023 adopted judicial interpretations on the applicability of international treaties and practices in handling overseas-related civil and commercial cases.

    By Liu Caiyu | 2024/7/10 21:47:00
  • China ranks among best in global nuclear safety, advances AI integration into nuke power operation: forum

    The overall safety level of nuclear power in China ranks among the best in the world, and China is working on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and big data into the application of nuclear power plants to ensure safer and more reliable nuclear power operations, industry insiders said at a forum held in Beijing on Wednesday.

    By Fan Anqi | 2024/7/10 21:34:45
  • Japan opts for irresponsible sea discharge of its nuclear-contaminated wastewater despite China's tech offering: Industry insider

    Chinese nuclear power industry insiders told the Global Times at an event in Beijing on Wednesday that China offered Japan a technology specifically for tritium wastewater treatment for their crippled Fukushima Daiichi complex, but due to the high costs, Japan eventually chose what was the simplest and cheapest method for them – to discharge it into the sea.

    By Fan Anqi | 2024/7/10 21:29:53
  • Non-Chinese permanent residents in Hong Kong hail new travel permit to mainland

    "Finally, we can apply for permit like other Hong Kong residents," Will Bedoucha, a business consultant, told the Global Times on Wednesday on the first day non-Chinese residents in Hong Kong could apply for a new travel permit to go to the Chinese mainland.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2024/7/10 20:50:22
  • Japan bringing NATO into Asia increases uncertainty to region

    Japan and NATO are reportedly finalizing plans to establish a line for sharing highly confidential security information during the ongoing NATO summit in Washington, DC. This latest move, along with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's remarks implying China's "support" for Russia, underscores Japan's "pivotal role" to cater to the US' strategy in building an "Asian NATO" and to serve Japan's goal of breaking free from post-war restrictions, observers said.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/7/10 20:43:31
  • US puts 3 sectors in Xinjiang in crosshairs to 'strangle China in global supply chain'

    The US Department of Homeland Security has put three more industries - aluminum, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and seafood - in its crosshairs as it ramps up enforcement of the so-called Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA).

    By Zhang Han | 2024/7/10 20:04:52
  • Chinese researchers call for improving hospice care and reforming funeral industry as population ages rapidly

    Researchers from a Chinese top university highlighted the urgency of promoting life and death education, improving hospice care and reforming the funeral industry across China as they predicted that in the context of rapidly advancing population aging, the country will face a surge in population mortality

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/7/10 20:00:52
  • West Lake treats sightseers to free TCM herbal tea, winning acclaim from visitors

    In the picturesque city of Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang Province, the well-known tourist attraction the West Lake – known as “a paradise on earth” – now treats visitors to a free selection of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) herbal tea. This news has immediately ignited the social media, becoming a hot topic of discussion.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/10 17:59:13
  • Wild Asian elephants wander into border checkpoint in Southwest China's Yunnan

    A group of wild Asian elephants wandered into a border checkpoint in Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture of Southwest China's Yunnan Province in the early hours on July 5, according to media reports on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/10 17:45:15
  • Brown bear whose head is stuck in a plastic bucket rescued in Qinghai Province

    A recent video of a brown bear in Northwest China's Qinghai Province with its head stuck in a plastic bucket after trying to steal food from local herders attracted lots of attention, as both the bear and its rescuers quickly ran in opposite directions following a “tug-of-war” rescue.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/10 17:37:08
  • Guangxi police detecting smuggled live lobsters in a cornfield near border

    Police in Southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region seized a batch of suspected smuggled live lobsters in a cornfield within the border jurisdiction on July 4, Baise border management detachment in Guangxi said, according to media reports.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/10 17:29:49
  • China's first giant panda college in Sichuan Province sets to enroll 50 students

    China's first giant panda college in Southwest China's Sichuan Province, which is also the hometown to giant pandas, recently began the first grouping of official enrolments, with 50 undergraduates is expected to attend the new major this autumn, according to China West Normal University (CWNU).

    By Global Times | 2024/7/10 17:09:28
  • Online rumors in June focus on flood control and disaster relief, college admission, job market: platform

    Reviews and summaries of data monitoring and netizens' reporting on online rumors by China Internet Joint Rumor Refutation Platform show that internet rumors circulating during June primarily focused on hot topics such as disasters, exam and recruitment policies and travel information.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/10 17:07:41
  • China releases first investigative report on ecological environment near Huangyan Dao, no cyanide found

    China on Wednesday released the first investigative and assessment report on the ecological environment near Huangyan Dao (also known as Huangyan Island) in the South China Sea, revealing that the area enjoys excellent eco-environmental quality.

    By Hu Yuwei and Fan Wei | 2024/7/10 10:06:53
  • Forum explores fusion of art, AI

    The Two AIs: Artificial Intelligence and Artistic Intelligence forum, organized by the China Academy of Art, was held on Saturday in Shanghai. As an essential part of the 2024 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC 2024), the forum attracted scholars, artists and technical experts from around the globe to explore the deep integration of artificial intelligence and art.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/10 1:34:42
  • OpenAI ban expected to spur domestic Chinese LLM development despite short-term impact: experts

    Tuesday marks the first day that China is excluded from OpenAI's API service. Despite the obvious short-term impact on Chinese developers, this move is also expected to encourage Chinese companies to reduce their reliance on OpenAI and transition to domestic models, observers noted.

    By Cui Fandi and Fan Anqi | 2024/7/9 23:11:26
  • China to investigate scandal of mixed use of tankers for edible and chemical oil

    The office of the food safety commission of the State Council established a joint investigation team on Tuesday as public concern continues to foment following a report by The Beijing News, which revealed a startling scandal of the mixed use of tankers for edible and chemical oil.

    By Xu Keyue and Zhang Yuying | 2024/7/9 22:58:13
  • Modi, Putin deepen ties in Moscow, 'frustrating US efforts to contain, isolate Russia'

    The US expressed its "concerns" toward India about its relationship with Russia, as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Moscow during which the India-Russia friendship has been highlighted by Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    By Wang Qi | 2024/7/9 21:42:04
  • Threading the needle in the sky

    As a national model craftsman and technical expert, Zhu Shijie has significantly contributed to Ningbo-Zhoushan Port's success. His self-developed crane operation method and leadership in innovation have propelled the port to new heights, setting a world record of lifting 185 containers per hour.

    By Cao Siqi in Ningbo | 2024/7/9 18:43:26
  • Drainage of 210-million-cubic-meter standing water starts after breached dike at Dongting Lake sealed off

    Drainage of 210-million-cubic-meter standing water in the flooded Tuanzhou dike region due to spillover from the rain effected Dongting Lake in Central China's Hunan Province fully started on Tuesday morning, after the breached dike was successfully repaired late on Monday night, thanks to on-site rescuers racing against time to plug the 226-meter breach within 77 hours, well ahead of schedule.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/9 17:13:53
  • A pair of 5- to 8-year-old giant pandas to be sent to Hong Kong

    The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Chief Executive John Lee revealed on Tuesday that the National Forestry and Grassland Administration has selected a pair of male and female giant pandas, aged between 5 and 8 years, to make their new home in the city, emphasizing that efforts are being made to ensure the giant pandas to arrive in Hong Kong by October 1.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/9 13:48:29
  • China's deep-sea heavy-duty mining vehicle reaches record depth in sea trials

    China's deep-sea heavy-duty mining vehicle has completed sea trials at depths exceeding 4,000 meters, the Shanghai municipal government announced on Tuesday. The vehicle's explorations set six records in the field of deep-sea mining in China, with technological performance reaching the leading domestic and advanced international levels.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/9 13:00:55
  • Ethical guideline released for human genome editing research

    An ethical guideline for human genome editing research was released by China's Ministry of Science and Technology on Monday, which includes a strict prohibition on the use of edited germ cells, fertilized eggs, or human embryos for pregnancy and reproduction.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/9 6:21:22
  • Companies deny mixed use of tanker trucks for food, chemicals; concerns remain

    Several oil companies have denied using tanker trucks to transport both food and chemical liquids, leading netizens to express concern over food safety on social media platforms, with some worried about potential poisoning.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/9 1:18:42
  • High-speed rail travel to smaller towns creates new tourism hotspots

    While major cities remain popular, exploring small towns via high-speed rail is becoming a popular option. Visa-free policies also mean that more foreign tourists are visiting China this summer.

    By Zhang Yiyi | 2024/7/9 0:59:13
  • Breached dike at China's second-largest freshwater lake sealed off: authority

    With endeavors from all sectors of society, repairs to the 226-meter-long dike breach at Dongting Lake, China's second-largest freshwater lake in Central China's Hunan Province, have been accelerating with the restoration work proceeding from both land and water, despite experts noting that restoration of the dike will become increasingly difficult as the gap is narrowing.

    By Du Qiongfang | 2024/7/8 23:04:41
  • China seals dike breach at its second-largest freshwater lake

    China seals dike breach at its second-largest freshwater lake

    By Xinhua | 2024/7/8 22:38:57
  • Chinese training aircraft provide new foundation for aviation forces

    Acting as a foundation in building strong aviation forces, China's training aircraft are sophisticated, reliable, of outstanding performance, and can be built in large quantities, with one of the top products, the intermediate trainer jet K-8, having won a 70 percent international market share, the Global Times learned recently.

    By Liu Xuanzun in Nanchang and Fan Wei in Beijing | 2024/7/8 22:26:17
  • Japan-Philippines RAA 'encourages Tokyo's historical revisionism'

    Japan, a former aggressor, is set to once again begin reestablishing its military presence in once-invaded Southeast Asian country Philippines during World War II, Chinese observers commented on the signing of a reciprocal access agreement (RAA) between Japan and the Philippines on Monday.

    By Xu Keyue and Guo Yuandan | 2024/7/8 22:09:00
  • Surprising twist in France as far-right blocked in decisive round of legislative election

    The results of the second round of France's legislative election came out with a surprising twist on Sunday night local time, as the left-wing parties' alliance won the decisive round, contrary to previous projections.

    By Cui Fandi and Chen Qingqing | 2024/7/8 21:32:32
  • 'Division among Democrats to intensify' as debate on Biden's replacement continues

    Amid growing debate over whether or not to end his re-election campaign, US President Joe Biden vowed to "stay in the race" in a rare prime-time ABC News interview. However, the Friday night TV interview "did little to ease the concerns" of the Democratic Party.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/7/8 19:46:45
  • Tragic student death in NW China prompts teachers' dismissal and safety review

    A student's tragic death in a city in Northwest China has led to the removal of two teachers from their positions who had verbally attacked the student. The local education authority on Sunday expressed deep sorrow and pledged to enhance school management for a better educational environment.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/8 17:43:38
  • Hong Kong expects to welcome new pair of pandas within two to three months

    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) Chief Executive John Lee departed on Sunday for Southwest China's Sichuan Province to work on arrangements for a pair of giant pandas that the central government has decided to gift to the SAR. A Hong Kong official said that arrangements can be made for the giant pandas to arrive in the city within two to three months.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2024/7/7 22:40:28
  • Breached dike of Dongting Lake to be repaired by Tuesday noon

    Repairs to a breached dike in Central China's Hunan Province that forced thousands of local residents to leave their homes are expected to be completed by Tuesday noon, according to government authorities. Tuanzhou dike alongside the Dongting Lake, China's second-biggest freshwater lake, burst and unleashed floodwater brought by torrential rain following failed emergency repair efforts on Friday afternoon.

    By Du Qiongfang and Li Yawei | 2024/7/7 22:28:58
  • Update: Authorities, Sinograin launch in-depth probe after reports of mixed use of tank trucks transporting food and chemical liquids raised concerns

    China Grain Reserves Group Sinograin has launched a large-scale special inspection after media reports on the mixed use of tank trucks for transporting both food and chemical liquids sparked public concern in recent days.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/7/7 19:46:42
  • 3rd Confucius-Aristotle Symposium to convene in Qufu and Beijing, to facilitate cultural dialogues

    The third Confucius-Aristotle Symposium will be held in Qufu and Beijing from July 8 to 12, 2024. This event, a collaboration between esteemed institutions from China and Greece, is convened by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), led by President Jeffrey Sachs and organized by Senior Manager Philo Wang.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/7 15:27:48
  • Ongoing 'Guangming Cinema' tour benefits local residents with visual impairment in East China

    A "Guangming Cinema" program has embarked on a tour in China with the first screening event in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang Province on June 28, to bring entertainment to people with visual impairment.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/7/6 16:04:53
  • Five killed, 83 injured after rare tornado hits Heze in East China's Shandong

    Five people were killed and another 83 were injured after a tornado hit Dongming and Juancheng counties in Heze, East China's Shandong Province, on Friday, causing damage to 2,820 houses, 609,000 mu (4,060 hectares) of farmland, and 48 power lines, local authorities confirmed on Saturday.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/6 13:43:30
  • Update: Closure work starts at breached dike of Dongting Lake in Central China

    Rescue forces have gathered in Tuanzhou dike alongside Dongting Lake in Central China's Hunan Province to relocate residents and close the breach, after lake waters burst through on Friday due to earlier downpours and prolonged inundation. No casualties have been reported.

    By Zhang Han | 2024/7/6 12:57:20
  • 14m trips made by foreign tourists in China in first half; growing appeal dispels erroneous Western portrayals

    Inbound travel to China has surged in the first half of 2024, driven by the benefits of an expanding visa-free policy for travelers from foreign countries.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/7/5 22:24:33
  • International arrivals in China surge by 152.7% in first half as visa-free policies expand

    From January to June, immigration authorities across China handled 287 million entries and exits, an increase of 70.9 percent year-on-year. Notably, international arrivals to China skyrocketed by 152.7 percent, according to latest data released by the National Immigration Administration on Friday.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/5 12:29:22
  • 287 million entries and exits in the first half of 2024, up 70.9% year-on-year: National Immigration Administration

    287 million entries and exits in the first half of 2024, up 70.9% year-on-year: National Immigration Administration

    By Global Times | 2024/7/5 9:48:46
  • Beijing-Taiwan Young Scientist Forum eyes bringing tech talents together

    The 21st Beijing-Taiwan Young Scientist Forum was held on Thursday in Beijing, bringing together about 200 young scientific and technological talents from universities, research institutes, science and technology associations and enterprises across the Taiwan Straits.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/4 22:53:03
  • Chinese regions to battle floods in July amid extreme weather

    The water levels in the Yangtze River maintain exceeding warning marks in middle and lower reaches as the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) forecast on Thursday a more complex flood control situation in China in July with rain belt moving northward and westward.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/7/4 22:25:12
  • Chinese 'Falcon 9 equivalent' rocket accident 'a rookie mistake'

    The unexpected take-off and crash of the Chinese “Falcon 9 equivalent” carrier rocket during what was supposed to be a static fire test was a “rookie mistake,” and it won't have a significant impact on the country's commercial space industry, but will serve as a warning bell for peers to ensure safer operations in the future, space observers told the Global Times on Thursday.

    By Fan Anqi | 2024/7/4 21:54:09
  • New study reveals how ancient Denisovans survive on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

    A new study has made significant progress in the research into Denisovans, an extinct hominin group, revealing that Denisovans survived on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau as late as approximately 40,000 years ago, the Global Times learnt from the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on Thursday.

    By Yu Xi and Leng Shumei | 2024/7/4 21:44:19
  • China strongly condemns deadly attack in DRC, reminds local Chinese to stay alert amid deteriorating safety situation

    China on Thursday strongly condemned the attack in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) that left several Chinese nationals dead, and demanded that local authorities promptly hunt down the perpetrators and bring them to justice as soon as possible.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/4 20:54:49
  • Sand therapy trend sweeps Turpan amid summer heat

    Visitors flock to enjoy sand therapy in Turpan City in Northwest China's Xinjiang, which is known for its scorching heat, as the city has recently seen surface temperatures surging to as high as 80 C at the Flaming Mountain scenic area.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/4 18:34:18
  • SCO summit adopts Astana declaration

    SCO summit adopts Astana declaration

    By People's Daily | 2024/7/4 16:30:56
  • Death of a 30-year-old female investment banker sparks discussions, stirs public concerns over psychological health of practitioners

    The death of a 30-year-old female investment banker from one of the largest investment banks in China sparked heated discussions online on Wednesday and stirred public concerns over the psychological health issues that the practitioners of the sector are facing because of the recent salary cuts in the industry.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/4 1:51:26
  • Fujian Coast Guard detains Taiwan fishing vessel for illegal fishing

    The Fujian Coast Guard boarded and detained a Taiwan fishing vessel suspected of illegal fishing in the waters off Quanzhou on Tuesday, according to the China Coast Guard (CCG) on Wednesday, as the authorities specified that the action was taken in accordance with the law.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/7/4 0:10:42
  • Shenzhou-18 taikonauts complete second spacewalk

    The Shenzhou-18 taikonauts on board China's orbiting space station completed their second spacewalk on Wednesday, according to the China Manned Space Agency.

    By Xinhua | 2024/7/3 23:09:04
  • Beijing Language and Culture University establishes branch campus in Astana, Kazakhstan

    A branch campus of Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) has been established in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, a symbol for the growth of China-Kazakhstan friendship and people-to-people exchanges.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/3 22:25:08
  • Concerns about safety in Philippines rise after kidnapping

    The recent kidnapping and murder of a Chinese national and a Chinese-American in the Philippines has raised security concerns among those involved in activities with the country, such as business cooperation. Observers are calling on the Philippines to combat illegal activities effectively and strengthen bilateral judicial and law enforcement cooperation.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/7/3 22:22:52
  • Chinese seniors tricked by fake cultural artifacts sales on livestreaming channels

    The topic "livestreaming channels claiming to sell bronze horse's head from the Old Summer Palace for 9,999 yuan ($1,374.72)" has dominated the trending chart on China's Sina Weibo, stirring discussions about livestreaming channels targeting seniors with fake cultural artifacts.

    By Bi Mengying | 2024/7/3 22:09:04
  • Shanghai debunks rumors of borrowing 100 billion yuan from local temples

    Rumors have been circulating on Chinese social media claiming that Shanghai borrowed 100 billion yuan ($13.8 billion) from local temples, with Jing'an Temple contributing the most at 48 billion yuan. In a response, the Shanghai authorities have refuted the claims, stating that it is purely a rumor.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/3 21:15:58
  • Four people permanently banned from panda base for hiding pets during visit

    On Monday, the Shenshuping giant panda base in Wolong National Nature Reserve permanently banned four people from re-entering the base for their uncivilized behavior. The visitors were found to hide their pets in backpacks during the visit although they were aware of the panda base's regulation of no pets allowed in the center.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/3 21:02:09
  • Journalists report first-hand news at anti-flooding frontline though their office is inundated

    "Our media center is now under water," in a video clip released early Tuesday by the Integrated Media Center in Pingjiang county in Hunan Province that faces the worst flooding in 70 years due to heavy rains, a reporter revealed the complete inundation of the first floor of their media center, which has sparked public concerns over the county's wellness and gained a thumbs-up from many netizens for the local journalists holding fast to their positions.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/3 20:58:19
  • University in Yunnan Province launches China's first coffee major, delving into science of coffee-making

    Yunnan Agricultural University has successfully applied for the establishment of China's first Coffee Science and Engineering major, becoming the first institution in the country to offer undergraduate training in coffee-related knowledge.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/3 20:52:39
  • Police across China crack down on illegal online gambling cases amid ongoing Euro 2024

    While Chinese fans are enjoying the heavyweight football tournaments in recent weeks, police across China have disrupted multiple cases of illegal online gambling related to the UEFA European Championship (Euro 2024), with some unscrupulous individuals taking advantage of the tournament to engage in gambling activities under the guise of sports events.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/3 17:51:20
  • China's National Immigration Administration collaborates with other countries in repatriating individuals involved in smuggling cases

    China's National Immigration Administration (NIA) is collaborating with relevant agencies of other countries to pursue fugitive criminals and repatriate individuals involved in smuggling cases, aiming to bring planners and organizers of illegal border-crossing activities back to their original places of residence and hold them accountable in accordance with the law, the NIA said in a statement on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/3 12:51:36
  • Shielding high scorers in gaokao aims to avoid overexposure

    As the results of China's College Entrance Examination (known as Gaokao) are gradually released, discussions have erupted over the appearance of the first "shielded high scorer," sparking widespread attention on social media platforms.

    By Jiang Li and Sun Langchen | 2024/7/3 1:26:59
  • DPP authorities' remarks on 'mutual non-subordination' reveal stubborn adherence to 'Taiwan independence' separatism: State Council Taiwan Affairs Office

    Statements from Taiwan's "mainland affairs council" once again reveal the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities' stubborn adherence to "Taiwan independence" separatism and their continuous provocations and confrontations, said the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office on Tuesday in response to remarks from the deputy head of the council concerning the regional leader's repeated assertions of "mutual non-subordination" between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits since taking office.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/3 1:21:16
  • China proposes to establish BCI committee to strive for domestic innovation

    China is mulling over establishing a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) standardization technical committee under its Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), aiming to guide enterprises to enhance industrial standards and boost domestic innovation.

    By Liu Caiyu | 2024/7/3 1:13:24
  • SCO-themed graphic analysis page unveiled in Astana ahead of upcoming summit

    A graphic analysis page, developed in cooperation between the Global Times and People's Daily Digital Communication Co, was unveiled in Astana, Kazakhstan on June 29 ahead of the upcoming Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/3 0:30:06
  • Lacquer painting artist leads villagers on remote island to prosperity

    With summer holidays approaching, Zhang Gaojun's schedule is packed to the brim. At an art gallery in Xinjian village in Zhoushan, an island city in East China's Zhejiang Province, he is busy welcoming a large number of tourists as well as hosting various workshops on paper-cutting and paintings of fishermen.

    By Cao Siqi in Zhoushan | 2024/7/2 23:37:50
  • Chinese private rocket company apologizes for test failure causing trouble, vows to compensate affected residents

    Chinese private rocket company Space Pioneer, also known as Beijing Tianbing Technology Co, apologized on Tuesday afternoon for the failure of its reusable rocket model's static fire test that caused trouble and inconvenience to the affected residents near the launch site. The company has vowed to compensate their economic losses.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/2 22:00:16
  • Water level in sections of China's longest river exceeds warning mark

    As China enters flood season, water levels in sections of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River – China's longest river – below the estuary of the second-largest Chinese freshwater lake Dongting Lake, have exceeded the warning mark, according to the Ministry of Water Resources on Tuesday.

    By Xu Keyue | 2024/7/2 21:45:58
  • French payload aboard Chang'e-6 successfully completes mission

    The French payload aboard China's Chang'e-6 lunar probe, named Detection of Outgassing RadoN (DORN), has successfully completed its mission tasks, and has become a “permanent resident” on the far side of the moon, a Chinese research institute under the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) announced on Monday.

    By Fan Anqi and Zhang Yuying | 2024/7/2 21:40:51
  • Chinese woman who gave life to protect Japanese in knife attack awarded city model of bravery

    Hu Youping, a Chinese woman who bravely protected Japanese school children in a recent knife-wielding attack incident in Suzhou, was awarded the title of "Suzhou City Model of Bravery" on Tuesday. Suzhou will establish the "Youping Bravery Fund" to better commemorate and honor heroes and to draw strength from their virtuous and noble actions.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/2 16:12:34
  • Shenzhou-18 crew to conduct second extravehicular activities

    Shenzhou-18 crew to conduct second extravehicular activities

    By Xinhua | 2024/7/2 16:10:26
  • Exclusive: CAE academician explains significance of research on seismic safety of high arch dams

    China is a seismically active country, with the sources of its major rivers and primary hydropower resources concentrated in its western regions, which are heavily impacted by the subduction and thrusting of the Indian Plate, resulting in significant seismic activity. The seismic safety of large dams and reservoirs faces complex engineering challenges. If the reservoir water from these structures were to be uncontrollably released during a strong earthquake, the resulting flood peak could cause severe secondary disasters far beyond the immediate area, posing catastrophic threats to lives and property downstream. Consequently, after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, the National Development and Reform Commission mandated that important dam projects undergo checks to prevent uncontrolled water release under extreme seismic conditions.

    By Deng Xiaoci and Chen Zishuai in Nanning | 2024/7/2 15:01:28
  • Exclusive: Chinese top university professor highlights need to research on robots with both emotion and intelligence

    In a pivotal development for artificial intelligence (AI), the integration of emotional intelligence and computational intelligence is emerging as a key direction,Gao Yue, an associate professor of the Chinese prestige Tsinghua University told the Global Times during an exclusive interview. Gao was discussing the topic of research and application of digital human and robots with emotion and intelligence, which has been named one of the top frontier scientific question to work on in 2024 recently released by the China Association of Science and Technology.

    By Deng Xiaoci and Chen Zishuai in Nanning | 2024/7/2 12:27:01
  • Exclusive: CAS academician proposes research to explore the connection between ancient humans discovered in China with ancestors of modern Chinese people

    As the 21st century discovery of ancient human fossils across China has increased international attention on the origin and evolution of humans in East Asia, relevant findings have propelled the field of paleoanthropology into new directions and debates.

    By Deng Xiaoci and Chen Zishuai in Nanning | 2024/7/2 10:48:40
  • CAST unveils top scientific, engineering questions for 2024

    The China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) on Tuesday released the 2024 edition of major scientific questions, engineering challenges and industrial technology questions, with 10 of each genre, covering hotspot areas such as artificial intelligence (AI,) deep space exploration and pursuit of the country's “dual carbon” goals.

    By Deng Xiaoci and Chen Zishuai in Nanning | 2024/7/2 10:08:54
  • E China's Jiangsu includes 13 assisted reproductive medical services, painless delivery in medical insurance system

    East China's Jiangsu Province has incorporated 13 assisted reproductive medical services and painless delivery into its medical insurance system starting Monday. This move makes Jiangsu the 11th provincial-level region in China to alleviate financial pressure on childbearing parents by reimbursing medical bills for assisted reproductive technology (ART) services, aiming to encourage childbirth.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/2 2:09:58
  • Anxiety, aspiration for better careers fueling China's mushrooming college major consultancies

    After weeks of anxious waiting, a record 13.42 million students who took the college entrance examinations, or gaokao, now face the crucial decision of choosing which university to attend and what major to study for the next four years.

    By Zhang Han | 2024/7/2 1:51:49
  • Silicone face masks used for theft spark debate on sales and regulation

    The illegal use of a silicone face mask by a man has sparked public discussion in China. There is a growing call for stricter regulation and oversight of the sale and use of silicone face masks on Chinese e-commerce platforms.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/2 0:50:40
  • Celebrations held at site of 1st CPC Congress to mark 103rd founding anniversary of the Party

    Yin Wan "enters" a virtual world after putting on a VR (virtual reality) headset. With a 360-degree panoramic view, she boards a ship at a pier in Shanghai - the old Shanghai of the early 20th century.

    By Huang Lanlan in Shanghai | 2024/7/2 0:23:20
  • National audit authority reveals $268 million student meal fund misused for local government debts and basic expenses

    From 2021 to August 2023, 66 counties in China used 1.95 billion yuan ($268 million) of funds designated for student nutrition meal subsidies to repay local government debts or cover other expenses, according to a recent central government audit.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/2 0:11:05
  • Chinese scientists find the gene that protects people in southern China, Southeast Asia against obesity

    Chinese scientists have found the gene that helps protect people in southern China and Southeast Asia against obesity, shedding more light on a potential solution to a growing global problem.

    By Zhao Yusha | 2024/7/1 23:37:20
  • Persistent rainstorms in southern China expected to result in flood-swollen rivers; flood control work deployed by the ministry

    A vast area across southern China continues to be soaked in torrential rainstorms and flooding as China enters the main flood season on Monday, with swelling rivers exceeding warning levels anticipated across the country's key river basins and the flood control work deployed by the Ministry of Water Resources.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/1 21:47:09
  • Numerous espionage activities thwarted since Counter-Espionage Law revision

    One year after China implemented its revised Counter-Espionage Law, the country's national security agencies have successfully thwarted a number of espionage activities carried out by foreign entities, such as the notable British MI6 spy case, effectively safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests.

    By Liu Caiyu | 2024/7/1 21:43:11
  • HK to receive new pair of giant pandas soon; non-Chinese permanent residents can apply for mainland travel permit from Jul 10

    HK to receive new pair of giant pandas soon; non-Chinese permanent residents can apply for mainland travel permit from Jul 10

    By Global Times | 2024/7/1 9:43:02
  • Beijing Forestry University establishes Institute of Environmental Art

    On Tuesday, Beijing Forestry University held an unveiling and appointment ceremony for its new Institute of Environmental Art at the school.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/1 6:32:53
  • Chinese social media platforms regulate extreme remarks against Japan

    Chinese social media platforms announced in succession to regulate extreme resentful remarks which incite nationalism and spread hatred against Japan after the tragic death of a Chinese woman who tried to stop a knife-wielding assailant attacking two Japanese people at a bus stop in Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu Province, on June 24.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/1 0:45:22
  • Regions step up efforts to combat floods amid continuous heavy rain

    After the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) issued a top-tier red alert for heavy rain across the country on Sunday morning, large to heavy rainstorms were seen in East China's Jiangsu, Anhui and Jiangxi provinces, Southwest China's Guizhou Province, and other regions during the day. On Sunday night, the CMA issued another orange alert for heavy rain and a blue alert for severe convective weather. Meanwhile, affected areas are actively responding to flooding and other disasters.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/6/30 22:42:18