Beijing court accepts divorce filing by famous Chinese actor

Source:Xinhua Published: 2016/8/15 16:40:49

Actor Wang Baoqiang, known for his roles in comedy films, filed for divorce Monday with a Beijing court one day after he made a "divorce announcement" on his microblog account.

Wang alleges that his wife, Ma Rong, had an affair with his agent Song Zhe, hid and transferred property, and "hurt his family members."

The couple were married in 2010.

He demanded full custody of their son and daughter, and requested that Ma pay child support until both the children turn 18.

Wang also demanded a split of the couple's belongings, including nine apartments, one of which is in Los Angeles, stocks and investments, a BMW and a Bentley, jewelry, watches, handbags and clothes, and financial products and insurance.

The court has accepted the case.

Wang was born in north China's Hebei Province and studied martial arts in Shaolin Temple from age eight. He won a Golden Horse Award for best leading actor for "Blind Shaft" in 2003.

He rose to fame for his role in a military-themed TV series "Soldiers Sortie" in 2008. He was awarded Best Actor by the 5th Annual Asia Pacific Screen Awards for the film "Mr. Tree" in 2011.

Wang's rags to riches story -- rising to stardom from nothing -- has inspired many.

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