Chinese athletes seek souvenir condoms, scoreless Olympics

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/8/15 19:53:39

Though Rio struggled to finish construction of venues before the Games, the city still made sure they had athletes covered.

A total 450,000 prophylactics were provided to competitors at the Olympic Village - or a record-breaking 42 condoms an athlete.

Yet a number of Chinese athletes told reporters they wouldn't use the mounds of available condoms and diaphragms. Instead, they plan to bring them home as souvenirs, the Phoenix Weekly reported.

"I picked up thirty or so, which isn't really a lot," said one Chinese athlete, who declined to be named.

The reputation of the Village as a place where Olympians hook up has grown ever since condoms were distributed at the 1988 Seoul Games.

But some Chinese athletes are claiming they won't be partaking this year, citing busy schedules and a desire to maintain focus as reasons.

Besides, many Chinese athletes are rooming with coaches, which makes hooking up a bit of a challenge.

The report also cites a lack of English skills and another performance-enhancing aid - Tinder - as limiting Chinese Olympians' prospects of scoring off the field.

Phoenix Weekly

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