Doctors doubt woman’s 17-month pregnancy claims

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/8/17 19:53:39

Doctors in Central China's Hunan Province are skeptical of a woman's claims that she has been an expectant mother for more than 17 months. 

Wang Shi from the town of Tianba said she has spent almost 10,000 yuan ($1,508) on dozens of prenatal exams.

The 20-something said she became pregnant in February 2015. But it wasn't until near her due date in November that Wang applied for a birth permit.

When the baby did not come, she began to worry.

Kang Zhiwei, Wang's husband, said he has since met with numerous doctors who were equally perplexed by the prolonged pregnancy.

However, doctors and local officials both have cast doubt on Wang's claims. 

"We asked her to undergo an ultrasound but she was unwilling," said a Tianba health official. "She only said she hadn't menstruated since 2015, and we never saw her exam results."

"There's no evidence, medical or otherwise, that suggests she has been pregnant for 17 months," an examining doctor in Changsha told the Changsha Evening News.

"She has no records of exams from early in her pregnancy ... we're taking her word for it," the doctor added.

Global Times

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