Reports stress importance of Party dues

By Liu Xin Source:Global Times Published: 2016/9/8 0:58:39

CPC’s new campaign is effort to shore up member discipline: experts

The People's Daily released an article on Tuesday criticizing some Communist Party of China (CPC) members' refusal to pay overdue membership fees and reemphasizing the importance of regularly paying the dues.

The article, entitled "Paying membership fees is not a trifle," says that paying membership fees voluntarily in the requested amount and at the requested time is the duty of all Party members, but there are some members who think dues are unimportant and forget to pay or deliberately delay payments of high amounts.

A total of 12 million Party members from 66 State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) in Tianjin paid overdue membership fees 2.77 billion yuan ($415,900,000), some of which  had been in areas since 2008, according to the article.

The report follows the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection's (CCDI) publication of a series of articles on its website to promote the necessity of Party membership dues.

The CCDI pointed out in a January article that some highly paid senior executives in State-owned enterprises who were also Party members were reluctant to pay the fees because the Party has become a distant presence for them.

Zhuang Deshui, deputy director of the Research Center for Government Integrity Building at Peking University, told the Global Times that the payment of membership fees may appear to be a financial problem, but it actually reflects the governance of Party members.

Zhang Dongming, a research fellow at the Party History Research Center of the CPC Central Committee, told the Global Times that the Party authority emphasizes the payment of membership dues because it is in accordance with the task of governing Party members' political life and strengthening Party discipline.

According to statistics released by the CPC Central Committee's Organization Department, more than 296 million yuan ($45 million) in Party dues was collected nationwide in 2014, while 368 million was collected in 2015. Just over 35 percent of the dues in 2015 came from government departments at all levels, while 5.78 percent came from some members' voluntary overpayment.

According to Party regulations, members are required to pay dues that are proportional to their monthly salaries after tax. Those who earn less than 3,000 yuan per month need to pay 0.5 percent of their income, while those who earn over 10,000 yuan per month should pay 2 percent.

Zhang said that paying membership fees is an important way to remind CPC members of their identity and obligations.

The Party Constitution also stipulates that members who have not paid dues for six consecutive months without a proper reason will have their Party membership revoked.

Paying membership dues on time shows that members are always mindful of their loyalty to the Party and their responsibility to the people, otherwise a member may gradually lose the Party spirit and go astray, the People's Daily article also said.

Zhuang added the dues collected from Party members are also used to provide services to members - such as education and training programs for Party members - and to subsidize senior Party members and those who live a hard life.

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