Teacher spots students bored in class with face-tracking technology

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/9/11 18:58:40

A college professor is using face-tracking technology to read the facial expressions of his students to spot bored students.

Wei Xiaoyong, a computer science professor at Sichuan University, has developed the "ace face reader," a new emotion-analysis tool that rates the interest of students during lectures in real time.

Wei said he hopes to use the software to better learn which parts of his lectures are well-received, and which are sleep-inducing.

By rating students Wei can find which part of his lecture is well-received and which part appears to be boring to the class said the report.

" I just want to know how much attention they are paying to the lecture, if they are happy," said Wei.

"If someone is sleeping, I would lower my volume not to disturb their dreams," Wei said.

Using strategically-placed video cameras, the software not only uses face recognition technology to identify students, but also to read and record their moods, such as "happy" or "neutral."

Wei said the program also can help teachers track class participation.

"The more interaction students have in class, the better marks they tend to get," said Wei.

The technology also can be applied to many different areas for data collection, such as what reactions consumers have to products, services or adverts.

But Wei said he ultimately hopes his program can be used in crime technology and forensics.

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