Carter wrong to blame China for North Korean nuke issue

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/9/11 23:33:39

US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said on Friday that China bears great responsibility for North Korea's latest nuclear test.

"I'd single out China. It's China's responsibility," he said at a press conference. "China shares important responsibility for this development and has an important responsibility to reverse it. It's important that it use its location, its history and its influence to further the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and not the direction things have been going." He was bluntly accusing China for North Korea's nuclear issue.

The issue, however, is in essence one between Pyongyang and the Washington-Seoul alliance. For years, the US has contributed little to easing the situation in the Korean Peninsula. The Americans have given no consideration to the origin and the evolution of North Korea's nuclear issue or the negative role Washington has been playing over the years.

Without the reckless military threat from the US and South Korea and the US' brutal overthrow of regimes in some small countries, Pyongyang may not have developed such a firm intent to develop nuclear weapons as now.

The US has given up efforts to eradicate the root cause of the nuclear conundrum. Instead, it has simply linked this complex issue to the question of whether Beijing's sanctions on Pyongyang meet the requirement of the US and South Korea. Each time the North does a new nuclear test or launches another missile, the US would only pile accusation on China.

The US has never thought of solving North Korea's nuclear issue, as it would be too complicated for it. It needs to make a lot of strategic adjustments in Northeast Asia. It would rather let the situation be as it is. Washington may think that it can also benefit from the current situation as the nuclear issue irritates Northeast Asia and China.

South Korea has been brainwashed by such American-style mentality and believes that if China imposes heavier sanctions on North Korea, the latter's nuclear issue could be addressed. Seoul has also strengthened military pressure against its northern neighbor relentlessly. If the two engage in such tit-for-tat menace, North Korea's sixth nuclear test may not be far.

China is not capable of persuading North Korea to give up nuclear development, because China's efforts are not supported by the others. Washington has been refusing to sign a peace treaty with Pyongyang.

China is one of the countries to impose sanctions on North Korea, but the sanctions should be within the framework of the UN. They should be aimed at deterring North Korea from developing nuclear capabilities rather than overthrowing its regime. Washington and Seoul want to put all the burden on Beijing, but the Chinese won't fall for it.

If North Korea conducts new nuclear tests, China's sanctions will intensify. Before there is a clear approach adopted by the international community to the nuclear issue, China should be strategically ready so as to make a swift response once a crisis occurs. Pyongyang alone should face the risk of an escalation of confrontation with the US and South Korea.

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