13 arrested for disrupting public order in China's Wukan Village

Source:Xinhua Published: 2016/9/13 13:30:28

Police have arrested 13 people in a south China village for disrupting public order and inciting illegal assemblies, local authorities in Guangdong Province said early Tuesday.

The 13, headed by Cai Jialin, Zhang Xiangkeng and Yang Jinzhen, allegedly incited illegal assemblies among the villagers in Wukan to disrupt public order and traffic flows since June 19, the public security bureau of Lufeng City said in a statement.

It said the assembling crowd even disrupted orders at local schools, prevented fishermen from going fishing and stopped local stores from their businesses.

"Their behaviors have severely affected local life and production and exerted a bad influence. Police have therefore arrested the 13 according to law, in an effort to safeguard the interest of the masses and restore order," the statement said.

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