Pettiness seen in ‘China Owns US’ site

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/9/23 0:18:39

The US think tank, Center for American Security, has launched a website called "China Owns US." One of its latest articles asks if the Communist Party of China (CPC) would allow a US company to "buy Chinese radio stations - thereby allowing it to control content on the airwaves" and "acquire Chinese movie theater chains and film studios - allowing it to then promote American values." The article claims it will not happen in China but China is doing all of these in the US.

In a video which begins with shots of Tiananmen Square in 1989, the website accuses the Chinese government of controlling "what Chinese see and don't see," highlighting that "the Hollywood has recently started censoring itself in order to increase their chances of getting access to China's market."

The video concludes that China wants to "gain the ability to censor movies seen in the US," as China's Dalian Wanda which has "ties to the Communist Party" is buying Hollywood film studios and cinemas.

The website alleges that China's G&E Studio, a subsidiary of China Radio International, controls the broadcasting time of at least 15 US radio stations, and highlights the Chongqing Casin Enterprise Group's purchase of the Chicago Stock Exchange and Shuanghui International Holdings' acquisition of the world's largest US-based pork producer.

It concludes that "by granting Chinese companies and the Chinese government relatively unfettered access to America's free-market economy," the US is allowing China to "project its soft power on the American people."

A rough look at the US influence in China suggests that Chinese institutes should probably launch a similar website and name it as "US Swallows up China" or "US Holds China Tight."

Almost all foreign movies screened in China are made by Hollywood, and the majority of translated books sold in China are published in the US. For Chinese overseas students, the US is a popular destination. Chinese cars, smartphones, the Internet, and computer software have to rely highly on the US technology. The Chinese should have freaked out.

China's GDP is only about 60 percent that of the US, and the latter maintains absolute advantages in high technology and creativity. Chinese enterprises are not allowed access to the key US industries. It is interesting that some Americans are so sensitive and agitating against Wanda's purchase of their movie theaters.

Japan was once accused of "buying the US" when it was investing heavily in the real estate sector there, but look at how the Japanese ended up with? With increasingly active two-way investments, the Sino-US trade is the largest bilateral trade in the world. The two countries are intensifying negotiations on the Bilateral Investment Treaty which will bring the bilateral economic cooperation to a new level. But if one side keeps viewing investment from the other with suspicion, how can the scope of Sino-US business be expanded?

In recent years, the Chinese have seen more examples of Americans being narrow-minded and petty. We hope they are only a minority of Americans.

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