Is Trump’s presidential campaign over?

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/10/9 23:53:39

The newly released recording of a lewd conversation in 2005 is pushing Donald Trump's campaign to a knife edge. Since Saturday's revelations in the Washington Post, more have surfaced in the American media to show his vulgarity. The Republican presidential nominee is under scrutiny by the media as a reprobate.

As a TV reality show star, Trump has misspoken many times. Some of his boorish utterances were made in private conversations, some were spoken on camera. The released material showed he once bragged about groping a married woman and called his daughter "a piece of ass."

Mainstream media, such as The New York Times and CNN, have joined to end Trump's campaign. A Huffington Post headline declared "It's time to bury Donald Trump once and for all." As the second television debate between Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is staged on Monday, his lewd comments about women will inevitably become a major issue.

Is Trump's campaign over? It is not a question of yes or no in the US, but of the strong will of the elites. This is why these explosive materials were released just one month before the election. As a representative of populism, Trump has attracted collective hatred from mainstream elites. Such hatred can be clearly felt in American society, casting a shadow over the country's political future.

Trump is the most undisciplined and rebellious Republican presidential candidate. Some top Republicans are thinking of replacing him. However, with massive endorsement from the middle and lower classes, Trump is able to continue his presidential campaign even without GOP support.

Undoubtedly, Trump's vulgar remarks will negatively affect his race. However, as US elites are increasingly divided from the grass roots and online public opinion is poles apart from the mainstream, it can't be predicted just how the scandal will affect Trump's campaign. The public is fully aware that neither Trump nor Clinton are role models. Trump's scandal also reveals the dark side of US mainstream elites. Since October saw the release of the most damning reports about Trump, obviously Clinton's team has allied with some US top elites. With shared interests, Clinton and her allies have a deep sense of crisis about Trump's rise.

Trump, with his long history with women, is more susceptible to scandals. Clinton may gain extra advantages over Trump in the final month.

Trump's political fate will not be determined by his personality, but by the US public's attitude toward the Clinton-represented hypocritical elites. For US citizens, Trump symbolizes real change, but they have to run a risk if they vote for him.

This year's election has exposed US entanglement between pro-establishment forces and real change. Even if Trump loses, he is a rare political specimen, and rebellion from the middle and lower classes against the elites will not die down.

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