Peking University bans live release after women try to set 500 turtles free

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/10/20 19:38:40

The prestigious Peking University has said that releasing animals is banned on its campus and that it will punish those responsible after six women tried to release hundreds of exotic turtles in its lake on Tuesday.

The Social Department of Peking University stopped the visitors from releasing around 500 Brazilian turtles into Weiming Lake on their campus, and have given a notice of severe rule violation to the Department of Physical Education, which had given the women permission to enter the Haidian district campus, The Beijing News reported.

The visitors' vehicle has been placed onto a blacklist and will not be allowed to enter the campus again.

One student posted on an online message board about Peking University that she spotted several women and a male driver taking out boxes of turtles - some of which were palm-sized - from a van. The student then reported the incident to the social department, The Beijing News said.

The visitors, who claimed to be Buddhist followers, were then asked to leave the campus with the turtles.

The social department said that the Brazilian sliders are invasive alien species that pose a great threat to local species, and releasing live animals is forbidden inside the campus.

The animals were to be set free as part of a mercy release, a traditional Buddhist practice that involves rescuing animals otherwise destined for slaughter as an act of compassion.

Authorities in Guangzhou Province removed hundreds of caged rats and other animals that were set to be released at a Buddhist temple in January.

In December 2015, 15 venomous snakes were released by Buddhist followers in suburban Shanghai.

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