Strict Party governance backed by firm will

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/10/25 0:03:39

The sixth plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee started Monday with its central agenda focusing on strict Party governance. The plenum will formulate documents on intra-Party supervision and political life within the Party.

It is widely held that the agenda demonstrates the political determination of the CPC Central Committee to strengthen Party governance. Putting emphasis on institutional construction of the CPC will inevitably promote Party governance in a stricter way.

Governing the CPC, with its 88 million members, larger than the population of any European country, is a daunting challenge, but it is key to governing the entire nation. The close relationship between governing the Party and governing the country has been confirmed by history. It also applies to today's China as a modern State.

The CPC has to keep a political unanimity, a special task for Party governance in the long term. In the West, political parties represent the interests of a certain social group and they are involved in tense partisan struggles. A unanimous political ethos is a source of influence for any political party, a difficult goal to achieve. For the CPC, with a size amounting to a country, keeping strict discipline for all members is an unimaginable mission in the sense of political science in the West.

In China, once a crack appears in the CPC's politics and ideological cohesiveness, it will bring huge divergences within the whole of society. Splitting society will also have a more disastrous effect if it destroys the unanimity of the CPC. As a cohesive force in the gigantic and complex country of China, how the Party keeps its unanimity will largely decide the solidarity of the whole country.

The Party, with such a large scale, is closely intertwined with Chinese society at all levels. To some extent, the sophistication of Chinese society is reflected within the Party. The CPC should keep close ties with the masses, and meanwhile maintain its purity and advantages. Such standards and requirements are unprecedented for a party elsewhere in the world.

China needs rapid development and must realize fairness. It faces the task of transforming itself in a short period of time. Nevertheless, some Party members couldn't resist temptation in the market economy and degenerated to corruption at such a crucial point, seriously jeopardizing the Party's prestige among the masses. In addition, a few Party members are affected by the infiltration of Western political values, and stand in opposition to the Party line and policy, inflicting harms on the course of the Party and the country. Some inactive and selfish Party members have exerted negative effects on the Party's image within the masses.

The CPC's long-term rule has a clear historical logic, and its institutional formation has positive effects on Chinese society. As an integral whole with a common destiny, Chinese society must understand the CPC's determination and difficulties in enacting overall strict Party discipline. China's long history and its agony in the modern era have shaped the nation's development path. While having strict requirements for the Party, Chinese society should also support, encourage and have a sense of common destiny with the Party.

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