Xi as core long affirmed by public opinion

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/10/28 0:53:39

The Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee concluded on Thursday. For the first time "the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core" was written into the communiqué. "Xi as the core" in fact has long been in the minds of the Chinese people and among public opinion.

Since 2012, China has faced great pressure in the fronts of development, reform and diplomacy. The Chinese economy has come to an adjustment period that cannot be bypassed. Taking the initiative to adapt to the new normal has become a pressing task and challenge. The sweeping anti-corruption campaign, which is aimed at realizing clean politics, has not only punished corrupt officials, but also reconstructed understandings about modern Chinese society. Comprehensively deepening reform has touched upon almost all areas of China while the international strategic situation during this period has posed more pressure on China's rise. It's fair to say the past four years have been quite difficult.

Major problems may break out in any one of the sectors and frustrate Chinese society without firm leadership from the CPC Central Committee. Recent years have witnessed developed countries and emerging economies being drawn into various disturbances of economic recession or terrorism, meanwhile, new technologies and mass consumption haven't appeared to stimulate the sluggish world economy. But China has been accumulating concrete changes during the same period of time. A brand new China is starting to take shape.

Affected by the global financial crisis, the Chinese economy is also slowing down. But China is the only economy which has actively undertaken structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. It has maintained a positive and optimistic atmosphere despite challenges. It's a  hard-won situation in which the economy has continued to grow and the living standards of the people have kept rising. Both the anti-corruption campaign and reform have been in full swing in recent years. A minor reform may bring chaos to many countries, but the Chinese central government has been able to keep its extensive reforms under control while keeping the country steady.

It was beyond anybody's belief that corruption could be tamed and officialdom would progress toward less corruption a few years ago. But it is happening in China. Luxurious restaurants and entertainment sites that officials frequented in the past have been shut down due to poor business. Officials use domestic cars instead of Audis now.

For quite some time, the South China Sea situation has been worrying. However, as tension with Vietnam gradually calms down and the Philippines has dramatically changed its confrontational stance against China, the geopolitics in the South China Sea are changing significantly. Arguments that the Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy is falling apart as Obama's term comes to an end have been swirling among Western public opinion. No matter what the US will do in future, China's stance is firm.

All Chinese know clearly that the Xi's leadership has played a critical role in the changes in China in the past four years and the significance of the word "core" being written into the Party document. The sixth plenum is themed on strict Party governance. This is what the Chinese people are willing to see.

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