Farmer makes splash with his diving pigs

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/11/15 18:48:39

A farmer in Hunan Province has a unique way of bringing home the bacon.

Huang Demin of Ningxiang county has been taking his pigs for a daily swim for years that he believes makes for better tasting pork.

The training regimen includes a dive from a 3-meter platform into a pond, followed by a hearty swim.

Huang explained the exercise boosts their immune system and helps them work up an appetite and grow more premium-priced meat.

The farmer claims their pork goes for three times the market price, Sanxiang City Express reported Monday.

But Huang is not the only farmer raising eyebrows with unusual livestock.

Tan Chang of Chongqing keeps his cattle calm and centered with a twice-daily dosage of music.

The 43-year-old farmer explained the tunes help the cows to grow larger, the Chongqing Daily reported.

Tales of flying pigs and cattle concerts fascinated the Internet.

"It's so hard to be a pig nowadays. They may bring home Olympic gold in diving if they're not careful!" commented a Sina Weibo user.

"Huang should be praised for his creativity and courage, but it's probably not very scientific or effective. It feels more like a gimmick to raise his prices," wrote another.

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