China ‘leads climate change initiatives’

By Leng Shumei Source:Global Times Published: 2016/11/16 23:33:39 Last Updated: 2016/11/17 2:33:39

The "green transition" of China's industry sector is essential to decrease trends toward further greenhouse gas emissions, an expert confirmed on Wednesday, adding that China's increasing technological capability will aid the shift. 

"China is the largest manufacturing economy in the world, with around 20-percent share of manufacturing activity. In the meantime, energy consumption of industrial sectors account for nearly 70 percent of the total energy consumption in China," Lo Sze Ping, CEO of World Wide Fund for Nature China said in an exclusive interview with the Global Times on Wednesday.

Lo said that the Chinese government has intensively released a series of plans, policies and top-down initiatives, including "Made in China 2025," a new manufacturing guideline, to speed up the green transition process.

"The policy trend from central government provides companies, especially those in energy-intensive industries, with an encouraging environment to contribute to the implementation of the Paris Agreement," said Lo.

Lo noted that Chinese companies would contribute not only by taking actions to reduce their own energy consumption and carbon emissions, but also by providing the world with innovative low carbon technologies.

According to Lo, the biggest challenges are to continue with the Paris Agreement momentum, clarify the rule book and close the ambition gap as soon as possible. Lo warned that climate change will affect world precipitation temperatures and therefore harm the habitats of many wild animals such as the giant panda.

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