EU to prevent radicalization in education, youth, culture and sports council

Source:Xinhua Published: 2016/11/22 8:47:56

The European Union (EU) concluded on Monday to adopt conclusions on the prevention of radicalisation leading to violent extremism, which are very timely in the context of the first anniversary of the Paris terror attacks.

The EU convened education, youth, culture and sports council Monday and it lasts to Nov. 22.

The conclusions underline the need to undermine and challenge existing violent extremist ideologies and to counterbalance them with appealing non-violent alternatives and to support parents, siblings, peers youth workers and others in contact with young people who are at risk of violent radicalisation.

The council decided to promote new approaches in youth work which can help young people develop competences, skills and positive attitudes.

These conclusions highlight the importance for reaching beyond the formal structures to young people of different backgrounds.

They also call for the use of innovative tools in youth work practice, in the fields of education and training, sport and culture, social services, information and communication technologies.

For adults, the council reached political agreement on a recommendation on New Opportunities for Adults. It aims to provide opportunities for low-skilled adults to acquire a set of skills, knowledge and competences relevant for the labor market and active participation in society.

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