Women in Tibet to get one-year paid maternity leave

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/12/1 0:03:40

The People's Congress of the Tibet Autonomous Region passed a new regulation on Wednesday that grants women in the region a one-year paid maternity leave.

The regulation states that women in Tibet are entitled to a paid maternity leave of 365 days, and their husbands can take a one-month leave to help take care of the baby, the Legal Daily reported.

During the leave, both a woman and her husband should be paid their full salary, according to the regulation.

Regulations on maternity leave vary from province to province in China.

Tibetans enjoy the most generous welfare, with the length of their maternal leave more than double what people from other provinces or regions enjoy.

Family planning policies are more relaxed in Tibet as they mostly apply to ethnic Han government employees. Tibetans are not restricted by the policies.

Tibet has a population of 3 million, according to a 2010 census, with at least 90 percent Tibetans, while the number of Hans is 245,000, accounting for 8 percent, the Xinhua News  Agency reported.


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