Female users of online lending platform find their naked pictures leaked

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/12/1 23:18:40

An Internet lending platform clarified on Thursday that it has not posted or stored any naked pictures, after a great number of nude pictures of female students were exposed online.

JD Capital's Jiedaibao, a popular online peer-to-peer lending platform, said on its official Sina Weibo account that the naked pictures were from a small number of desperate users who resorted to private transactions with shady lenders while bypassing the platform.

The pictures, serving as a receipt of the loans, are transmitted through social network app WeChat and instant messenger QQ.

On Wednesday, a 10-gigabyte package containing naked pictures and video footage of 167 female college students, as well as their identity information went viral, news site thepaper.cn reported.

One picture showed that a naked girl surnamed Ren put a receipt on her breast which read "I borrowed 6,000 yuan ($872) for one month from Wang Wei via Jiedaibao and the loan is due on October 22. The monthly interest is 400 yuan. If I cannot pay back timely, I will be solely responsible for it."

The lending platform was blamed for the leak of the picture, said the report.

The People's Bank of China, the central bank, is studying ways of collecting and distributing data on how funds raised online are being used because of the risks posed by unregulated lending, the director of its statistics department, Sheng Song, said in May.

Online peer-to-peer lending platforms have expanded rapidly in China, along with the number of fraud cases.


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