Putin approves Russia's new information security doctrine

Source:Xinhua Published: 2016/12/6 19:46:30

Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday approved the new Doctrine of Information Security of Russia, which has already come into force, according to a decree published on the Russian Legal Information Agency's website Tuesday.

The doctrine says that one main aim in ensuring information security is the strategic prevention of military conflicts which could arise from the use of information technologies.

It notes that some countries are building up capacity for information and technology so as to affect Russia's information security for military purposes and to destabilize situations in some regions around the world.

According to the doctrine, the number of cyberattacks on Russian facilities are on the rise and reconnaissance of foreign countries in relation to Russia is increasing.

Meanwhile, Russian media are often subjected to discrimination abroad and Russian journalists are faced with obstacles when carrying out their professional activities, the doctrine said.

Russian news agency TASS cited the doctrine as saying that "there is an increased information impact on Russia's citizens, first of all young people, with the goal of washing out traditional Russian morals and spiritual values."

The doctrine also stated the formation of a system of non-conflicting interstate relations in information space and the modernization of information security systems of the Russian armed forces.

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