Shanghai reception celebrates birthday of Emperor of Japan

By Qi Xijia Source:Global Times Published: 2016/12/11 18:43:39

The Consulate General of Japan in Shanghai hosted a reception on December 1 to celebrate the 83rd birthday of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan, Akihito. Held at Okura Garden Hotel in downtown Shanghai, hundreds of guests, including officials from local governments, such as the city of Shanghai and Jiangsu Province,  business people, academia, artists and the representatives of the Japanese community attended the ceremony and reception.

While celebrating the special date, the event also served as a great opportunity to raise interest in, and deepen understanding of, Japanese companies, local cities and culture. In his speech Kazuyuki Katayama, Consul General of Japan in Shanghai, mentioned 24 years ago, in October of 1992, Their Majesties the Emperor  and Empress visited Shanghai in the company of him during the state visit to China. In this hotel, Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress received representatives of the Japanese residents in Shanghai.

"Twenty four years later, Shanghai has experienced tremendous changes, which filled me with emotions." He went on to look back on the important role the Consulate General has played in deepening communications between Japan and China over the years.

World's largest Consulate General

Consulate General of Japan in Shanghai manage consular districts, including Shanghai City, Anhui Province, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Jiangxi Province, which are home to 60,000 long-term Japanese residents, 22,000 facilities of Japanese companies and seven Japanese schools.

"With the increase of business volume, the number of staff members of the Consulate General surpassed the one in New York to become the largest consulate in the world," he added.

The Consulate General has issued one-third of all visas issued by all Japanese embassies and consulates outside Japan, with a peak of more than 14,000 visas per day. In this July alone, 180,000 visa applications were issued. "Our consulate is the one that stands in the front line  of communication and exchange between Japan and China," Katayama said.

Since Katayama assumed office 15 months ago, he has been on 40 business travels, attended over 40 official meetings with government officials, held 260 events in his official residence, visited and took part in 80 corporate events, visited 50 Japanese and Chinese schools and taken 30 media interviews.

Promoting exchange

Taking this opportunity, Katayama also expressed his heartfelt thankfulness to all Japanese and Chinese who have given their full support to guarantee the safety of Japanese residents, improve the investing environment of Japanese companies, foster a good studying environment to Japanese students and promote cultural and personal exchange.

At the reception, Japanese companies operating in Shanghai exhibited their products. The offices of Japanese local governments in Shanghai also hosted promotional tables in order to highlight their culture, sightseeing spots to attract more tourists from China. In addition, there was a performance of tea ceremony. Traditional Japanese cuisine, including sushi and sake, were also served.

"We will continue to work on advancing the China-Japan strategic relationship of mutual benefit and creating a win-win situation," said Katayama before leading the guests in a toast to His Majesty the Emperor and to the friendship and partnership of Japan and China.

Consul General Kazuyuki Katayama makes a speech at the reception.

Consul General of Japan in Shanghai Kazuyuki Katayama makes a speech at the reception.

Kazuyuki Katayama, Consul General of Japan in Shanghai (third from left), opens a barrel of sake with guests at the reception. Photos: Courtesy of the Consulate General of Japan in Shanghai

Consul General Kazuyuki Katayama (third from left) opens a barrel of sake with guests at the reception. Photos: Courtesy of the Consulate General of Japan in Shanghai

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