Inexperienced, complacent Trump stuns public

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/1/15 16:43:39

When asked if he supported the one-China policy in an hour-long interview with the Wall Street Journal published Friday, US President-elect Donald Trump said "Everything is under negotiation including one China." He spoke by phone with Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen shortly after his election victory and questioned why the US had to be bound by the principle unless the US makes a deal with China "having to do with other things, including trade." He seems to have reiterated this viewpoint to the media outlet.

Trump said in the interview that he wouldn't label China a currency manipulator on his first day in the White House, saying "I would talk to them first." Yet he insisted China is devaluing its currency "on purpose and this is killing US companies."

Trump's China policy appears to be taking shape. He so eagerly wants China to make numerous concessions to the US in trade that he would rather break their political protocol to create leverage against China. This includes playing Taiwan as a trump card.

In the past, Trump infuriated us, but now we find him risible. With a skyrocketing ascent in his political life, he has been stunningly confident in his ostensible knowledge of the job, though he speaks like a rookie.

He has got some basics wrong. Is the yuan's devaluation a result of Chinese manipulation? China has adopted measures to tighten foreign exchange controls and restrict the outflow in a bid to stabilize the exchange rate. This is actually in line with what Trump expects.

Trump wants to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US, but this goes against the laws of economics. High costs will render "Make in USA" uncompetitive. The US has the edge in the financial industry and in exports of hi-tech products with high added value, but it can't take advantage of everything. Trump had better focus on the US' market strengths and make them more competitive rather than vie for manufacturing prowess with China and other developing countries.

Calling for "America first," Trump seemingly intends to eat up whatever interests other countries have in hand. If he implements his foreign policy with amateurish logic and excessive conceit, China and other countries would have to stand up against the US to defend their interests. The world will then be in chaos.

The US used to be a beneficiary of being the rule-maker and manipulator of the current global system. But as Trump aggressively attempts to overturn international order and extort more interests for the US, he will find this a hard thing to do. 

Over Taiwan, Trump may make some moves to impair the one-China principle, but he will meet strong countermeasures. The Chinese mainland will be prompted to speed up Taiwan reunification and mercilessly combat those who advocate Taiwan's independence. Eventually, Taiwan people will understand Washington is not working for them. Trump endorsed Taiwan in exchange for his administration's short-term interests. Taiwan may be sacrificed as a result of this despicable strategy.

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