Chinese outraged over books at Japanese hotels that deny Nanjing Massacre

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/1/16 15:28:39

Chinese are outraged by news on social media that a Japanese hotel chain has allegedly been selling books which openly deny the Nanjing Massacre in China and forced prostitution in Korea during World War II.

A Global Times report [Chinese edition] on Saturday said the books are written by the CEO of the APA Group, who goes by his pen name, Seiji Fuji, in both English and Japanese languages. The report said the books could be found in the drawers in every APA hotel room and for sale at the hotels'front desks.

As of September 2016, there were 413 hotels or resorts and 70,000 hotel rooms under the APA Group. Company figures show that during peak tourist season, about 40 percent of its hotel rooms are occupied by foreigners, half of them from China and South Korea.

A Sina Weibo user codenamed " Katandsid"—Kat is from the US and Sid from China, was the first to expose APP hotels' selling such books on Thursday, followed by another video of these two alleged New York University students purchasing one of the books, Theoretical Modern History II—The Real History of Japan, written by the APA CEO, at the front desk of an APA-owned hotel.

The book refers to the " 300,000 people were slaughtered in Nanking" as "falsehood" and the Nanjing Massacre in China, "comfort women" and the forced prostitution in South Korea as "untruths".

The book on Page 25, also implies that the CEO is going to use the money earned from his hotel business to support his political views, according to the video.

More than 377,000 users have forwarded the video post as of press time, including the official Sina Weibo account of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, with over 17,000 users commenting on the video.

" I found the book in the drawer [after I read the post this morning], and I cannot stay in a place like this anymore. The APA has crossed the line," wrote Net user "FoluoW" on Monday, who is visiting Japan.

"I will never choose this hotel after learning about this…I cannot let my money go to a person like the APA CEO nor to his political cause," wrote Net user "yuzhoudazhangyu."

For unknown reasons, the comments function of the original posts has been shut down.

Huangwang Group, a Chinese-funded travel company in Japan, issued a statement on Monday, saying that the company will stop providing services for reservations to APA hotels or for those who have checked into APA hotels, unless the APA CEO withdraws the books for the hotels and publicly apologize for his misconduct.

Japanese troops captured Nanjing, then China's capital, on December 13, 1937 and started weeks of slaughter. About 300,000 civilians and Chinese soldiers who had surrendered their firearms were murdered. Over 20,000 women were raped, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

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