Rumors fly that HK-based singer Hins Cheung to be cut from mainland show 'I Am A Singer' for political reasons

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/1/16 17:48:55

A rumor began circulating on Chinese social media on January 14 that Hong Kong-based singer Hins Cheung has been removed from the fifth season of the Chinese mainland singing competition show I Am A Singer after promotional material featuring the singer mysteriously disappeared from the show's Sina Weibo account.

According to an article by Zhao Liangchen from reposted by the Central Committee of the China Communist Youth League (CCYL) on January 14, Cheung had originally appeared in posters promoting this season that were posted on the show's Sina Weibo account as late as January 9. Cheung also confirmed on Sina Weibo on that same day that he would be joining the show. 

However, on January 13 this material was removed, according to entertainment news site Fenghuang Entertainment.

On January 14, Sina Weibo user Mangguo Nühanzi, a TV critic, claimed that Cheung's scenes and songs were being cut from the first episode of the season, which is scheduled to debut on Saturday.

Though there haven't been any official responses from either Cheung or the show about the rumor, many suspect the rumored removal may be related to accusations that the singer had previously made remarks on social media platforms supporting members of Hong Kong's illegal "Occupy Central" movement.

Born in Guangzhou, capital of South China's Guangdong Province, in 1981, Cheung rose to fame with his 2002 hit "Break Point," and later moved to Hong Kong to continue his career. The past few years has witnessed Cheung grow into an influential Cantopop singer. 

However, the singer's political leanings lead to a backlash from mainland netizens, with many accusing him of supporting "Hong Kong Independence." 

For instance, the same day he announced that he would be joining I Am A Singer, he wrote another post on Sina Weibo defending himself against accusations slamming him as "a supporter of Hong Kong independence."

"Words and materials were made up to label me as a supporter of 'Hong Kong Independence,'" Cheung wrote. "I want to reaffirm that I am Chinese and definitely not a supporter of 'Hong Kong Independence.'"

However, the article reposted by CCYL provides what it claims are screenshots of Cheung's posts on Facebook voicing support for advocates of "Hong Kong independence." 

In 2014, the singer also appeared in a video along with other local Hong Kong artists singing a Cantonese adaptation of the Les Miserables song "Do You Hear the People Sing?" 

Discussions about the rumor have run rampant on social media platforms. 

In comments under the latest post on Cheung's Facebook dated January 9, which features him in a poster for I Am A Singer, many of Cheung's fans still voiced support for him, accusing those attacking Cheung online of "Internet violence," while other fans expressed disappointment about the singer's statement made earlier that day that he was not a supporter of "Hong Kong Independence." 

This is not the first time that Cheung has been rumored to be removed from the show. According to a Xinhua report in 2015, Cheung opted out the fourth season of I Am A Singer due to "personal reasons." 

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