China names new naval fleet commanders

By Guo Yuandan Source:Global Times Published: 2017/1/22 22:58:39

China has named new commanders of its three naval fleets.

Wang Hai, Zhang Wendan and Wei Gang were appointed as the head of the South China Sea Fleet, North China Sea Fleet and East China Sea Fleet, respectively.  It was not clear when the appointments were made.

Shen Jinlong, former leader of China's South Sea Fleet, was appointed as commander of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy.

The PLA Navy leadership changes shows senior officials with a background in working at different military commands are chosen, analysts said.

Wei was the commander of the Lüshun naval base of the North China Sea fleet, Chief of staff of the North China Sea Fleet, and head of the logistics department of the PLA Navy.

Zhang was also assigned to the South China Sea Fleet.

The appointment of Wang, who was PLA Navy deputy commander who also worked in the South China Sea Fleet, shows the strategic role of the South China Sea Fleet under the current situation, which also shows the position calls for an experienced official, analysts added.

Wang, 57, still has the potential to be further promoted, especially after this appointment fulfilled his career as commander of a fleet.

The changes also show that the tenure of senior officials has been shortened.

According to media reports, Wei's position changed for four times since 2015, and Zhang also served four different positions since 2014.

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