Trump era ushers West into uncertainty

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/1/22 23:33:39

Donald Trump was sworn in as US president on Friday. In one of his first official actions, he signed an executive order that urges the end of Obamacare. The White House website quickly published the six objectives of the new government, including adjusting foreign policies, pursuing the highest level of military readiness and renegotiating trade agreements.

US defense expenditure saw a downward trend during the Obama era, while it will be reversed under Trump. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is almost dead and the North American Free Trade Agreement is on the verge of being abolished.

In Europe, far-right European leaders gathered in the German city of Koblenz on Saturday. The conference, billed as a "counter-summit," aimed to continue what Europeans call "the Trump effect." The French presidential hopeful and head of France's Front National Marine Le Pen claimed that the old world is giving way to the new, saying that "I am certain that 2017 will be the year of awakening for continental Europe."

The West seems to be standing at a crossroads, and the world is facing unprecedented uncertainties.

The road ahead is tough for Trump, as he already faces large-scale protests which are unprecedented for a new president. The media all cast him in a negative light.

A New York Times column on Saturday, titled "A Clenched Fist for Day 1," said what people got from the new president was "a clenched fist - his own salute of nationalism and defiance" and a fist "to go with the rhetorical one: American first to fix American carnage."

Meanwhile, a Financial Times article believes Trump's inaugural address was perhaps the "most xenophobic in US history" and "it is anybody's guess how quickly, and with what specifics Mr Trump rolls out his radical agenda."

Both articles represent the views of many Americans and Westerners who refuse to accept Trump's governance ideas and styles.

Trump is eyeing 4 percent GDP growth, which also requires structural reforms. It is unknown if he has realized this is a difficult task. Stimulating economic growth is not an easy thing, and changing the interest distribution pattern is a highly sensitive mission.

The US is not a united country now, and the authority of its current leadership is not guaranteed. He has a lot of "enemies" within, and he is also making "enemies" across the world.

The opening of Trump's presidency is chaotic and it is uncertain just how far his willfulness can stretch. Nonetheless, the world is bound to share the risks of the US. For instance, Trump may adopt every possible means to achieve his 4 percent growth goal. He may inject his commercial mind-set into international relations doctrine and make every principle give way to his "America first."

Since his election, Trump has mentioned many times that he will enhance US military strength, including enlarging US nuclear arsenals. It is worrying where he will lead the US.

The US and Europe had better remain at peace. If they descend into chaos, the rest of the world will suffer.

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