Chinese factories optimistic about Ivanka Trump shoe line

By Chen Qingqing and Wang Cong Source:Global Times Published: 2017/2/6 20:55:24

Boycott calls prompt stores to drop brand



Two factories in South China's Guangdong Province that produce Ivanka Trump's shoes said Monday that their business relations with the daughter of US President Donald Trump haven't been much affected by recent blows to the sales of Trump brand shoes in the US.

Amid rising calls to boycott Trump's business, US retailer Nordstrom has decided to stop selling Trump's products, with other retailers under pressure to follow suit. But that has not changed the volume of new orders Chinese factories received from the Trump brand.

"We always pay attention to the situation in the US. As to [Nordstrom's decision], it had no major impact on the orders our factory receives," Joedy Li, the head of a trading company called Sai Ni, one of the factories that make Trump's shoes, told the Global Times.

She said that they had already received an order for more than 10,000 pairs of shoes from Trump's brand for the next season.

Li said Trump's brand has contracts with several factories in China to produce shoes, and her company has been one of the contractors since 2010. Initially, orders were just in the hundreds, but they grew to tens of thousands over the years, all of which were exported, according to Li.

Another contractor, who requested anonymity, also told the Global Times on Monday that Nordstrom's decision had little impact on new orders, as the volume of orders by the brand is limited.

Citing declining sales, Nordstrom on Thursday announced that it would cut ties with Trump's brand. The decision also came as anti-Ivanka Trump boycott calls in the US grew since her father took office as the US president.

The boycott calls are still growing, as some in the US have taken to social media to urge other retailers, including Macy's, to stop selling Trump's products, according to media reports. Though no decision has been made, Macy's is facing rising pressure both externally and internally to drop the brand, the Business Insider reported on Thursday.

In early January, Trump told the New York Times that he would support a 45 percent tariff on Chinese products exported to the US, according to the Business Insider. A couple of weeks later, he threatened to impose a "very major" border tax on companies that move their production outside of the US, media report noted. 


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