Trump’s bumpy first month in Oval Office

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/2/20 23:48:39

Monday marks the end of US President Donald Trump's first month in office. US mainstream media spared no efforts in satirizing and criticizing him. The latest Gallup poll released Saturday local time shows that Trump only had a 40 percent approval rating, 21 percentage points below the average rating for presidents in their first month in office. Trump said that "any negative poll is fake news," but analysts believe he does care about the results.

Trump's first month in the Oval Office can only be described as bumpy. He is now losing his offensive momentum and is entering the stalemate stage. His Muslim ban was suspended by a federal judge, his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, was forced to resign, and US mainstream media harshly criticized him. Although traditional media is in decline, when the New York Times, CNN and others want to teach Trump a lesson, they show no mercy.

The number of the people who predict that Trump won't last the full four years is increasing. However, Trump may not be that fragile. Unlike other US presidents, who might quickly fall apart in the face of surging negative public opinion, Trump confronted such a predicament during his presidential campaign and won despite tremendous criticism. Therefore, his tenacity is unique, and he seems to have a knack for turning adversity into positive results.

Yet, unfavorable signs are growing. As someone who does not like to play by the rules, Trump's penchant to do whatever he wants is hurting his political capital. His policies face resistance, especially on global issues. He used strong words during his campaign, but has since been forced to retreat on many issues. 

Trump's primary battlefield is in domestic US affairs. But he has not much time to consolidate his supporters' trust in him. Trump promised to offer them better jobs and improve their lives. It takes more than inviting foreign companies to invest in the US to achieve that goal.

Trump has gone too far in challenging the mainstream. He altered the traditional relationship between a president and the media, and even shook the bipartisan nature of US politics.  His presidential authority is not helping him achieve his ambitious goals.

It is hard to say which side is wrong, Trump or the US establishment. However, one thing is certain - the US establishment does not want their lives determined by their new president.

Trump may have to spend a considerable amount of time sorting out his relationship with the media as well as realizing a certain degree of cooperation with the establishment. If he fails, it means the US remains unchanged. If he succeeds, the world will see a new America.

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