China's ice dancers need to express emotion through dance, says Italian coach

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/2/24 20:37:53

The Italian coach of the Chinese ice dance team said here on Friday that the Chinese dancers need to learn how to express their emotion through dance.

"In where everything is very technical, China has always been very good. But unfortunately, the big part of the ice dance is the artistic side," said Pasquale Camerlengo after China's Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu won the ice dance gold medal at the Asian Winter Games.

Wang/Liu combined dazzling steps sequences and powerful lifts to score 98.26 points in free dance for the winning total of 162.28.

Chris Reed and Kana Muramoto of Japan came second with 159.14 points and another Chinese pair Chen Hong and Zhao Yan took the bronze with 142.42 points.

"Camerlengo taught me what dance really is, and he helped us make progress in every aspect," said Liu.

According to the coach, the Europeans are more capable of expressing happiness or sadness through dance.

"It is a culture thing," he said. "I am an Italian. We care a lot of art. Air is one of our priorities in life. I watched many musicals when I was young. I watches videos of dance. I grew up like this."

"Now we have so many opportunities to watch a lot of things on the web. It is a great advantage for the younger generation. They can see all forms of dance. It will help them to understand how to dance and how to express themselves," he said.

Camerlengo said next year the Chinese ice dancers will add latino in their program.

"It is very important for them to understand how to move, how to dance like latino dancers," he said. "Next year we can really understand who can dance and who can not."

Only the top 19 at the world championships qualify for the Olympic Games, and the coach said he think Wang/Liu have good chances.

"They proved this year that they can really fight with high level skaters. I'm quite confident and I am looking forward to the Worlds."

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