Prosecutors refute media reports of torture of detained lawyer

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/3/2 0:08:40

Reports of detained Chinese lawyer Xie Yang having been tortured are groundless, the People's Procuratorate in Hunan Province confirmed with the Global Times.

Xie was put under compulsory custodial measures on July 11, 2015 for inciting subversion of State power and disrupting the court order. He was arrested on January 9, 2016.

The reports claiming that Xie was tortured during custody were fabricated by Jiang Tianyong, a former lawyer in Beijing, who was previously punished with "criminal compulsory measures" for illegally holding  national secrets and subverting the State power, the Hunan procuratorate said.

The fabricated news catered to the "taste of Western media," in a bid to discredit the Chinese government and judicial authorities, Jiang told the Global Times.

Jiang said that he decided to pressure the police when Xie was put under custody and approached Xie's wife surnamed Chen to make up stories together. Xie must have been tortured as both his attorneys and family members were banned from visiting Xie, Jiang told Chen in September 2016.

According to the Law of Criminal Procedure, if a case involves State secrets, terrorism and huge bribes, lawyers need to obtain the approval from the investigative organs before meeting with suspects.

"It's legally possible that suspects who are involved in inciting subversion of State power are not allowed to be visited during investigation. But I didn't speak it out," Jiang noted.

He said that he started to instigate lawyers' family members to cause trouble and organize interviews with foreign media, when he felt he was in trouble after Zhou Shifeng, a lawyer formerly managing the Fengrui Law Firm, was arrested along with other lawyers.

"To make those reports more convincing, I told Chen how to write them: if some policemen smoke at nights, the story would be written like 'Xie being fumigated by police,'" Jiang told the Global Times.

Xie told the Global Times that his attorneys told him about foreign media reports fabricated by Jiang during their meeting in January. 

Xie's co-inmate surnamed Ye also confirmed with the Global Times that he never heard Xie was tortured. "Instead, Xie always boasted that he had four dishes every day."

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