Police arrest 11 in riot at central Swedish school: report

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/3/7 7:21:00

Eleven people were arrested after a violent brawl at a school in Hallsberg in central Sweden where masked youths threw stones and glass bottles at police and reporters, national TV reported on Monday.

According to Swedish Television, between 15 and 30 people took part in the riot, but no one was injured. Police arrested 11 but several more got away.

As the fighting broke out, school manager Marie Kilk sent a text message to all pupils telling everyone to go inside, the report said.

"The attack came out of the blue," said Mats Ohman, one of the police officers who had stones and bottles thrown at him.

"It was quite unpleasant. It happened before we had put on our helmets... Had anyone gotten one in the head, it would not have ended well," he said.

According to Ohman, the masked and stone-throwing youths did not attend the school where the riot took place. Instead, they had come there to finish off a fight that had started last Friday.

The report failed to give more details over the background of these rioting youths.

Teachers and janitors were placed at each exit to ensure no one would leave the school premises. Many pupils congregated in the canteen and in the assembly hall as police confronted the rioting youths.

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