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Source:Global Times Published: 2017/3/14 17:53:39

Innovative music and arts festival arrives in Shanghai

Guests take photos at Crazy Lotus. Photo: Courtesy of the Crazy Lotus

The newly opened 2,000 square-meter Bunker/Luxembourg Pavilion in the former Expo Park in Pudong New Area will hold a unique Crazy Lotus Festival & SMART Lotus Conference. Crazy Lotus's innovative concept combines intelligence and madness to advance what it considers the proper way of enjoying electronic music.

This new concept invites guests to get out of the standard music festival cubicle by presenting indoor and outdoor digital stages, SMART conference rooms and classrooms and a rooftop networking lounge with swimming pool and sauna where creative people from all disciplines and all parts of the world can exchange ideas and contacts.

"Our goal is to create the craziest festival concept, outstandingly diverse, interesting, funny and educative compared to other festivals in China. Crazy Lotus Festival & SMART Lotus Conference is about the ultimate visitor experience," organizers told the Global Times.

Guests take photos at Crazy Lotus. Photo: Courtesy of the Crazy Lotus

A "crazy" mix of everything

Common music festivals often leave guests with questions unanswered, emotions trodden and ideas forgotten. The new "Craziest Festival Concept," however, does not necessarily make guests go crazy, but rather introduces a complete picture of a music festival. Apart from enjoying diverse music styles, the organizers aim to educate the audience.

The festival and conference is a two-layered event providing the biggest choice of electronic music overlapping with the outstanding headliner's performances and speeches to proceed with an educative format.

The event covers all genres of electronic, urban, hip-hop and reggae music but excluded commercial and mainstream music. Outstanding China-based electronic music crews and promoters are given a stage to show their house and techno tunes, bass, chill-out & funk, psy-trance and other diverse styles.

Together with that, the venue opens interactive classrooms, where experts will present DJs and scratch lessons, music production, Ableton Masterclass, visual mapping and much more. The director of the Crazy Lotus project, Rainbow Gao, says: "Electronic music development means that 'everything can be instrumented.' We bring software for people to start making their own music and to develop their potentials."

Working well together

A student of Fudan University, habitue of Mansion and volunteer for Crazy Lotus Company, Hampus Rydahl makes the idea of the festival clearer: "As soon as Crazy Lotus Company is a shareholder for Mansion, the tradition of a family party place where everybody is equal is going to be kept. Along with that, it brings a totally brand-new thinking of partying combined with knowledge."

"I believe these two different approaches are going to work together well. It is a change between high energy music and low energy learning that makes you more creative and willing to party even more," said Rydahl.

Instead of focusing on Facebook hits or commercial tricks, organizers look for crazy headliners for both Crazy Lotus Festival and SMART Lotus Conference. The range of performances becomes wider since DJs will be followed by outstanding headliners giving inspiring speeches, uncovering the secret of the industry, and providing information about many interesting projects they launch.

SMART Lotus Conference features international music, art, and technology conferences. The music conference will focus on electronic music development, music education, festival culture and clubbing. The art conference is focusing on animation series and movies, virtual reality and visual art and light installation.

Moreover, there will be a virtual reality (VR) area where guests can try out outstanding visual reality experiences. As for the technology conference, this year the topic will be "New technologies that create a better world." The organizing company is in contact with several outstanding companies in and outside of China to present their innovations and visions.

Displays at Crazy Lotus Photo: Courtesy of the Crazy Lotus

This year's headliners

Among headliners is Reeps One, a two-time Vauxhall UK Beatbox Championship winner. Reeps One will hold a performance at the main stage and also present a lecture about "Multi-disciplinary Liberation."

Another headliner, Jacques Live, is a French electronic live artist who travels around Europe with two large suitcases full of "equipment" such as scissors, ashtrays, rubber ducks, etc. He will loop everything into an incredible live set. Guests are invited to bring objects from home, which Jacques will use for his performance.

The SMART Lotus Conference Music section is followed by experimental electronic music producer and singer Qiu Pi, who will also give a lecture at the conference. As for the SMART Lotus Conference Art section, organizers invited David Silverman, creative director of The Simpsons television cartoon.

Among others are Chinese technology company Kuang Chi, Dutch Inventors Company Studio Roosegaarde, introducing the "Smog Free Tower" project and Stefano Boeri presenting "Vertical Forest" city building plans.

Organizers said their purpose is to make the festival become a breeding ground for new talents and a place to share knowledge. Particularly, to highlight people and projects that bring an outstanding contribution for society development the conference also organizes special Lotus Awards.

Making promises come true

"Everybody says 'I am creative, I can create so many things,' but nobody really does it," project director Rainbow Gao specified. "I feel what we are making this project for is to make those promises come true at least for the first time. Even though it may influence only a hundred of people, it is going to be developed in the way."

As soon as Crazy Lotus project focus on the audience, the company gives a hope for open-minded people who are not only concentrated on the commercial aspects of modernity. Co-organizer Anqi Jiang added: "We also have kind of selecting criteria for our guests and cultural project models. We want to bring the most innovative projects to China."

The features listed are not only exciting catnip to entertain the audience but also serious and important drivers for the social development in the future. It is time to use the occasion to give people a chance to create. Those interested in Crazy Lotus and SMART Lotus Conference ideas might be torches lighting cultural development across the world.

Crazy Lotus full package includes Shanghai Nightlife Pass providing free entry to 15+ parties on April 29/30 to nightlife venues: Celia, The Mansion, New Amber, URVC Vinyl Club, Reel 2 Reel, The Bunker.

Ticketing and prize information can be found via online tickets link:

The article was written by Catherine Valley


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