Chinese netizens praise police for admitting use of torture on suspect

By Global TImes Source:Global Times Published: 2017/3/20 15:23:39

Chinese netizens praised police from a county in Central China's Henan Province for admitting online that some of their officers may have been involved in torturing a suspect they arrested in connection with a telecom scam, who eventually died.

The Wenxian county procuratorate has filed charges against the officers and are conducting further investigation, said the notice issued by the county public security bureau on its Sina Weibo account on March 13.

The officers have been suspended, and Wenxian police vow to cooperate with the procuratorate during the investigation, and to punish those involved in accordance with the law, news site reported on Wednesday.

The police notice has been viewed by more than 13 million times, which shows the progress the government has made in terms of transparency, according to data provided by the administrator of a government affairs account on Sina Weibo, who goes by the alias "Zhengwuxinmeitixueyuan.

The account added that most people praised the police for admitting possible misconduct. "This is the first time that the police have stepped up and admitted some of their officers tortured those in custody…There is hope for a society ruled by law," commented " Lee miaomiao," a Henan-based commentator, on Wednesday, in reposting the police notice.

"The notice is short but powerful … it shows the attitude of the police, the law enforcers. By doing so, the public is made aware of the facts," wrote "Jimodexingzou," an Anhui-based news reporter.

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