China denies sending 150,000 more soldiers to North Korea border

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/4/12 23:08:41

China denies sending 15k more soldiers to NK border

China on Wednesday denied reports that it is sending 150,000 more soldiers to its border with North Korea over the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

The People's Liberation Army has been placed on alert over the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula, and have sent 150,000 more soldiers to the North Korean border near the Yalu and Tumen rivers since Friday, the Huffington Post reported on Monday.

The troop build-up, together with medical supplies to China's North Korean border were made for fear of a refugee crisis in the event of a US airstrike, UK-based The Mirror reported.

However, a Ministry of National Defense spokesperson said on Wednesday that those reports are fabricated, without elaborating, according to the website of the ministry.

On Wednesday, China reiterated its stance that all parties should work together to return to negotiations on Korean Peninsula nuclear issues at an early date.

At a daily briefing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said China's stance is consistent that denuclearization and peace on the peninsula should be achieved through talks and by peaceful means.

"China expects relevant parties to seriously consider the 'dual-track' approach and 'suspension for suspension' proposal put forward by China," said Lu, expressing the hope that relevant parties would increase mutual trust and understanding through contact and talks.

Newspaper headline: China denies sending 15k more soldiers to NK border

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