Colorful world of Israeli artist David Gerstein kicks off at the Today Art Museum

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/4/25 18:23:39

Cut-out sculpture Happiness by artist David Gerstein Photo: Courtesy of Today Art Museum

"Colorful" and "beautiful" are probably the first two words that jump into most viewers' minds when attending an exhibition of Israeli artist David Gerstein's works.

His latest solo exhibition Layers, which kicked off Saturday at Beijing's Today Art Museum, is no exception. The exhibition marks the first time many of his works, which include cut-out sculptures and paintings, have been shown in China.

According to exhibition curator Angela Lu, the artist is "seeking to expand the boundary of paintings. His cut-out sculptures represent his ground-breaking experiments to add a third dimension to paintings."

Gerstein initially began to gain international attention after his first solo exhibition at the Israel Museum in 1987, which exhibited his cut-out sculptures for the first time.

According to the artist, he does not bother to create works that cater to market demand. Instead, most of his inspiration comes from his childhood memories and personal experiences.

"When viewing Gerstein's works through his 'layers' and 'cut-out' facets, we can discover insightful thoughts hidden within familiar and common images, as well as the enlightening inspiration beneath his skillful brushstrokes," Lu wrote in the preface to the exhibition. 

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