Internet users ‘advise’ Denmark on oyster problem

By Zhao Juecheng and Deng Xiaoci Source:Global Times Published: 2017/4/27 14:48:40

The Danish Embassy in China on Thursday promised to forward Chinese Internet users' suggestions about how to deal with the country's infestation of non-native oysters, including recommendations for "setting up oyster-eating journeys" and "exporting oyster oil to China," to relevant Danish authorities.

The social media response follows a post on Sina Weibo by the embassy about the giant beds of Pacific oysters that for years have carpeted the country's Wadden Sea off the Jutland Peninsula.

The Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing told the Global Times in a written reply on Thursday that they posted information about the oysters after Danish media called upon the public to offer effective solutions.

While the Danish Embassy hoped to raise environmental awareness with the post, it was equally "thrilled" to receive tourism ideas and recipes on how to prepare the oysters from Net users, the embassy said. 

Some of the astonishing tips on tackling the oyster problem include relaxing visa requirements to encourage Chinese tourists to go on an oyster-eating journey, issuing an "oyster-eating visa" that allows multiple entries for 10 years and building up a special oyster oil factory for export to China.

Denmark would be happy to export the oysters with approval from the Chinese government, said the embassy's statement.

However, the embassy demurred on the visa idea. "We don't think 'eating them up' is really a good way to solve the problem," the embassy stated.

Originally from Asia, Pacific oysters were introduced to Denmark about a decade ago and have since grown into an invasive species, according to the embassy.

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