Parents of gay students rally against anti-LGBT demonstration at Chinese university

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/5/7 14:43:39

In a touching show of support, parents of gay children rallied at a Hubei Province university last week in response to a recent anti-LGBT demonstration at the school.

"Homosexual children, your parents support you and love you," read a banner displayed by parents of students during the April 19 rally at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, Chengdu Business Daily reported Sunday.

Organizers said they decided to collect on the school's basketball court after two graduate students were photographed holding a banner that read, "Boycott rotten Western ideology and keep homosexuality away from university campuses."

The image went viral, sparking a quick response from parents and discussions about LGBT discrimination on Chinese university campuses.

"We won't let homophobes hurt our children!"  read another banner at the event.

Parents said they were overwhelmed by the number of students support, with many requesting in to sign their names to the banners.

"We only brought three markers - it wasn't enough," said one mother. "Some of the students said, 'you moms are great! Thumbs up!'"

Many of the parents admitted to their own struggles to accept their children's sexual orientation.

Qianjun, one of the event's organizers, said she wanted to jump out from her 49th floor apartment window when her son opened up to her about being gay.

Her son was on hand at the event to speak about their journey of acceptance together.

"Now she doesn't despise me for being gay, in fact it has brought us closer together," said her son. "I'm very lucky, thank you mom."

Chengdu Business Daily

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