China’s military develops smartphone software that snitches on soldiers leaking sensitive information

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/5/7 15:03:39

PLA develops smartphone software to stop info leaks

The Chinese military is developing smartphone surveillance software that automatically alerts authorities if a soldier leaks sensitive information or uses their handset devices during blackout times.

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) Daily reported on Sunday that the PLA Rocket Force introduced the mobile phone security platform to better regulate smart phone use in the military.

The newspaper said the software can be installed or uninstalled remotely, ban access to specified websites, set restrictions on communication hours and screen for sensitive words.

The platform will automatically alert authorities if it detects any violations of Internet use, the report said.

The new software is capable of tracking each user's telephone number and cellphone model.

The software is still in its test phases.

According to the newspaper, the software aims to better enforce management of mobile phone use among soldiers, as well as address fears of confidential information leaks.

Restrictions on smart phones have been a source of complaints among Chinese soldiers in the past.

The software aims to create a "safe space for soldiers to surf the Internet," the PLA Daily reported.

Global Times

Newspaper headline: PLA develops smartphone software to stop info leaks

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