Pakistan official warns Chinese hostages’ deaths ‘being used’

By Liu Jianxi and Leng Shumei Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/14 23:28:40

Official warns Chinese hostages’ deaths ‘being used’

A Pakistan official said Wednesday that they will "bring to justice" those responsible for kidnapping two Chinese citizens in Pakistan. He also warned of the incident being used by "whoever" to disrupt Sino-Pakistani ties. 

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said at a press conference Wednesday that China had not received official confirmation from Pakistan of the deaths of the two Chinese nationals allegedly kidnapped and killed in Pakistan.

Lu said the ministry will do its best to verify reports that the two have been killed as soon as possible.

"China firmly opposes all kinds of terrorism and extreme violence against civilians, and supports Pakistan's efforts to combat terrorism and safeguard domestic security," Lu noted, adding that China will work with the international community in the fight against terrorism.

An anonymous Pakistani official expressed deep regrets over the incident to the Global Times on Wednesday, saying that they "will bring all perpetrators to justice."

The official said that whoever wanted to use the incident to disrupt Sino-Pakistani ties and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor initiative will fail.

"China invests in Africa, South Asia and other regions, and these are positive developments. The investments will bring jobs, jobs will bring prosperity, prosperity will lead to stability, stability will lead to peace," the official said.

"The incident will not undermine China-Pakistani ties. On the contrary, it will alert the Pakistani government and make them improve security, especially for projects and people involved in the initiative," said Wang Dehua, director of the Institute for Southern and Central Asian Studies at the Shanghai Municipal Center for International Studies.

Wang said that the abduction was coincidental, adding that the Pakistani government had spared no efforts to protect Chinese people living in Pakistan.

Li Wei, an expert on anti-terrorism at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, told the Global Times that "although Chinese employees are protected in Pakistan, it might not be enough to prevent premeditated crimes from terrorist groups like the abduction."

Newspaper headline: Official warns Chinese hostages’ deaths ‘being used’


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