China urges India to withdraw guards crossing boundary

By Global Time Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/28 23:52:16

The Doklam area belongs to China, not Bhutan and India, which has been proven by history and legal principle, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lu Kang told a regular conference on Wednesday.

"China's road construction in Doklam area, which is our territory, is legitimate, and any other party has no right to interfere," Lu said.

Recently, Indian border troops crossed the China-India boundary at the Sikkim section and entered the Chinese territory, obstructing Chinese border troops' normal activities in Doklam.

China has urged India to immediately withdraw its border guards who have crossed the boundary and do a thorough investigation of this matter.

The Sikkim section of the China-India boundary was defined by the Convention Between Great Britain and China Relating to Sikkim and Tibet in 1890. The Indian government has repeatedly confirmed the boundary in written forms since its independence.


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