Conspiracy theory surrounding Liu Xiaobo absurd

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/28 23:58:39

The news that Liu Xiaobo was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and has been granted medical parole has invited a wave of clamor from overseas anti-China forces and a few Western media outlets. Liu's medical condition has become a topic that they can hype up.

They claimed immediately that the Chinese government deliberately concealed Liu's illness until "the cancer has grown to the terminal stage that is beyond treatment" and then granted him medical parole. Some overseas media outlets connected Liu's liver cancer to the fact that he had hepatitis B many years ago and thus authorities must take responsibility for the result.

There is little detail about Liu's illness, for example when he was diagnosed with liver cancer. But it's common knowledge that people are diagnosed with cancer all the time, some at an early stage and some at a terminal stage. It is not possible that each different case of cancer is diagnosed at an early stage.

There is also the question of motivation. What benefit can certain Chinese agencies get if they wanted to deliberately delay Liu's treatment? Affairs surrounding Liu have been scrutinized by the West from the beginning. A deterioration of his illness provides good fodder to demonize China. But such fabrication only reflects the dark side of people who made up the story. They are measuring the tolerance of the Chinese government and Chinese society with a suspicious mind.

China has a strong legal system, which openly sentenced Liu to 11 years of imprisonment in 2009. If he is released, he can choose a normal life. But if he violates the law again, for example, instigating subversion of the State again, he will face legal punishment. The law is authoritative and influential enough to deal with his case and the forces supporting him.

The Western hype is that the Chinese authorities deliberately wanted to "murder" Liu. China has an effective legal system, and it does not have to stoop to questionable ethical practices to punish Liu. Liu's cancer diagnosis deserves sympathy, but after all, it is a personal affair.

The West put a halo on Liu for their political goals, but this cannot change Liu's risk of cancer. Some people overseas question why Liu was suddenly diagnosed with cancer while he used to be strong. This is nothing unusual, and the cynics are just pretending innocence.

Liu is an ordinary prisoner. He ought to be grateful for extra help from the prison authorities, but he and his supporters have no right to demand preferential treatment. Advocating that Liu deserves better medical treatment than other prisoners during his imprisonment is in defiance of the principle that all people are equal before the law, and an insult to the spirit of the law.

Those arguing for Liu to be treated better do not really care about him. The officially arranged medical team is the real supportive force in Liu's cancer fight. Most overseas instigators are expecting Liu's health to deteriorate, so they will have more ammunition for their anti-China public opinion struggle.

Matters relating to Liu in future should be handled in accordance with the law. Stories maliciously fabricated to make trouble for China will not cure Liu or erode China's legal order. They are only ephemeral bubbles floating overseas. Just let them go.

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