Top soccer body condemns insults against Guoan’s Turkish player following on-pitch incident

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/29 21:08:39

Top soccer body condemns insults against Guoan’s Turkish player

China's top soccer body on Wednesday condemned using the sport as an excuse for religious bigotry, after a football fan posted derogatory comments on social media about a Muslim player who competes in the Chinese Super League.

"We are firmly against and strongly condemn using soccer to spread religious discrimination or to insult other people's faith. Soccer should be used to spread positive energy," the Chinese Football Association said on its Sina Weibo account on Wednesday night.

A Jiangsu Suning Football Club fan insulted Burak Yilmaz, a Turkish player on the Beijing Guoan Football Club.

"I would like to order a pork burger to show my 'support' for Yilmaz," the Sina Weibo account "Jiangsu Soccer Newspaper" posted on Tuesday after Suning's Monday match against Guoan, attaching a poster of Burger King's pork burger. The account is not affiliated with Jiangsu Suning.

"Soccer pitches are not lawless. It should not be used to spread conflict outside a match, and even insult someone's personality and religion," read Guoan's notice on its Weibo account on Wednesday.

Guoan said the club will sue the person behind the Jiangsu Soccer Newspaper account and is now gathering evidence. "'Jiangsu Soccer Newspaper' has to pay for his brutal behavior."

Following Guoan's post, 'Jiangsu Soccer Newspaper' posted an apology to Yilmaz and Beijing Guoan on Weibo.

The pork burger post has been deleted and the account's Weibo user name has been changed to "Jiangsu Soccer Observe."

The match between Jiangsu Suning and Beijing Guoan ended in a goalless draw. An incident involving Yilmaz and Suning's Li Ang marred the match.  Yilmaz slapped Li. 

Yilmaz received a red card while Li was slapped with a yellow card. Beijing media quoted Yilmaz as saying that Suning's Brazilian player Alex Teixeira Santos spit on him and Li made an insulting gesture to him, which caused him to lose his temper and slap Li.

Yilmaz, Li and Suning assistant coach Gianluca Zambrotta have been summoned to a hearing in Beijing on Thursday.

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