Top tips for wedded bliss love relationships?

By Kathy De Leye Source:Global Times Published: 2017/7/5 18:33:39

A lot of people are surprised when they hear that I am married to a Chinese man. It is sometimes difficult because of cultural and language differences, but every relationship is hard at times.

The main cultural difference we had was privacy. I noticed and was surprised to see that Chinese don't have a sense of privacy like we (Westerners) have. I sometimes like to be by myself, sit in the bedroom with a good book and not be disturbed by anyone. My husband thought I was angry. I grew to understand that he doesn't like personal space and why he sometimes left the door of the apartment open.

We had many small differences, but the best part is that we learned from each other. Being with someone from another culture enriches one's life in many ways. I had already learned to live outside my comfort zone because I had lived in China for seven years before I met my husband. He had to adapt to me too. Adapting to each other is critical in a relationship. If you don't adapt, the relationship will fail.

At the beginning of our relationship, my husband and I argued a lot. Eventually, he came to see that we couldn't just keep on living life as if we were single. We needed to learn what the other person likes and how to live and do things together.

Communication is another important ingredient. After each argument, we would talk a lot about how we see life and how we feel. This brought us closer and closer, and now, our relationship is stronger than ever. I can't imagine my life without him. Sometimes, I go back to Belgium without him because he needs to stay in China for work, and we miss each other immensely.

The other strong point in our relationship is that we share a lot of the same interests. We both like sports and love the outdoors. He also challenges me in ways that I didn't think possible before. I have started to run marathons and climb mountains because of him. These activities, especially trekking in the mountains with no one else to rely on but ourselves, have created a bond between us that can't be broken.

So, no matter if you have a relationship with someone from the same culture or a different one, the main things in any relationship around the world are trust, communication and similar interests.

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