China’s law, doctors decide Liu Xiaobo’s treatment

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/7/12 0:30:56

The debate over whether Liu Xiaobo should seek overseas treatment keeps fermenting and is becoming increasingly politicized by Western forces. China's kind responses to Western concerns have been maliciously interpreted by people with ulterior motives, and this is regrettable and infuriating.

The video of group consultations by Western and Chinese doctors was released earlier to show the Chinese medical team's efforts in treating Liu, and the country's leading medical skills. It is a response to the question of China's medical capability. Although the video seems to have been edited, the messages conveyed are real.

Many of China's institutes lack experience in dealing with the West, including Western media. This time, related departments took into consideration Westerners' feelings, inviting cancer experts from Germany and the US to participate in medical consultations and regularly releasing information about Liu's illness, including the video. Those departments have no intention to confront the West; they are focused on treating Liu.

However, those Western forces calling in a confrontational tone for Liu to be treated overseas do not focus on Liu's illness. The German Embassy in Beijing accused "certain authorities" over the recordings and the way they were "leaked" to the media, steering the topic to another direction that has nothing to do with Liu's cancer.

The core of the event is that Liu is a cancer patient and a convicted criminal under China's law. Chinese prison authorities are obliged to provide Liu with the best treatment they can, while retaining the responsibility to supervise Liu in accordance with the law. Foreign governments and institutes can give medical advice, but they must respect the final decision by China's prison authorities and medics.

The German Embassy claimed in the statement that China's behavior "undermines trust in the authorities dealing with Mr. Liu's case." Why does China need trust from the German side in treating Liu, which is absolutely China's domestic affair?

China has already taken the feelings of relevant Western forces into consideration, and has no obligation to meet their unreasonable demands.

Some people in the West have shifted their attention away from Liu's treatment, and regard Liu being transferred overseas as a "humanitarian" issue. Western forces are politicizing Liu's cancer treatment. Is it equal to humanitarianism? Their so-called humanitarianism is hypocritical.

Chinese people recognize Chinese law and its authoritative medical conclusions. Despite being loud in rhetoric, Western forces are not persuasive in reasoning. What they care about is not Liu's treatment, but transferring him abroad. This is a political charade.

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