Fired up over ‘anti-pervert’ weapon

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/7/17 19:53:39

Pocket-sized flamethrowers are being marketed to women as an "anti-pervert weapon" online despite police calling the device dangerous and being technically illegal to ship, the Beijing Youth Daily reported.

The handheld devices, which are capable of hurling a stream of fire half a meter long, sell between 90 to 300 yuan ($13.29 to $44.30) on e-commerce site Taobao.

The device "can scald or even disfigure an attacker," writes one vendor. Another says that "it can leave a permanent scar but is a legal non-lethal tool, not a weapon," the report said.

Though the flamethrowers have only sold in the hundreds on Taobao, they have already sparked controversy in media.

"Of course perverts are scary, but what's even more scary are these 'anti-pervert devices," read a recent opinion piece on, a Wuhan-based news portal.

Not only are police calling the flamethrowers dangerous and discouraging their use, the item is technically illegal to ship through the mail, according to a public security and postal law passed in 2016.  

Beijing Youth Daily

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