Overseas forces must stop politicizing Liu Xiaobo's wife

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/7/18 0:18:39

After Liu Xiaobo's death, overseas forces and some Western media outlets have shifted their attention to his wife Liu Xia. Calling for the Chinese government to set Liu Xia free, these forces are deliberately making up new excuses to politicize the issue.

It is mainly Western forces and dissidents exiled overseas that are actively hyping up the issue. Some Westerners lack understanding of, and are suspicious about China's rise. Dissidents in exile lost the bet and thus bear a deep grudge against China's political system. The thought of "China's collapse" is their only sustenance. These dissidents in exile are much more maniacal than Western anti-China forces.

Western forces were happy to see that people existed that would volunteer to confront China. Mainstream US society usually ignores them. When issues come up, media outlets such as the Voice of America (VOA) would summon them. These people can hardly have a decent life in the US. They consider that speaking on the VOA is a big deal. Some others don't even have the opportunity to speak on the VOA, so they are reduced to have their voices heard on Twitter.

They don't care about Liu Xiaobo's life, only the attention they can get. Many begrudged Liu being granted the Nobel Peace Prize. These people are boosting their image by taking advantage of his illness. When Liu Xiaobo died, they tried to shift the attention to his wife Liu Xia. Again, their real focus is to attract attention.

To a large extent, Liu Xiaobo was taken hostage by external public opinion. As an intellectual, he has the ability to judge. When seeing China's rapid development in recent years, couldn't he realize his mistake in stubbornly confronting China's political system and denying China's path? But since the West had crowned him, dissidents and exiles pressured him, he had no other choice except to persist.

These overseas forces now start to "kidnap" Liu Xia. They immediately define her situation as being "persecuted" and have raised various demands on the Chinese government, turning Liu Xia's situation into a sensitive issue.

These people are seeking their own political and personal gains. They are reluctant to bridge the gap between Chinese and Western values, but are trying to instigate bigger waves at the cost of the rest of Liu Xia's life.

They are so dedicated to their show, yet regrettably, they have few listeners. China has shown the world its vitality and potential with its GDP growth of 6.9 percent in the first half of 2017. Cooperation with China is the real theme for the West. Liu Xiaobo is just a tool used by Western countries to maintain their sense of superiority and a bargaining chip to win more benefits from China. Liu Xiaobo has gone. Western forces and dissidents in exile can let go of Liu Xia.

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