The feng shui of eyebrows

By Zhang Xiaorong Source:Global Times Published: 2017/7/20 16:43:39

Illustration: Luo Xuan/GT

My friend and I recently attended a class that promised to unearth the "mysterious connections" between one's eyebrows and one's fate.

Many people around the world believe in the Chinese practice of feng shui and devoutly apply its method of arranging furniture to promote balance, comfort and good fortune. According to the teacher, people's eyebrows - one of the five organs: the eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears - in facial feng shui, are especially important in deciding one's fate.

From ancient times, people have always been fascinated with trying to understand, explain and foresee our destiny. Some techniques relate a person's life to his or her birth date. The Chinese way of reading bazi (the eight words) in accordance with one's lunar birthday and the Western way of analyzing one's constellation are prime examples.

These activities are interesting to me not only because they may reveal some "secrets" about our life but also for their practicality. If we know our weaknesses, we can always make an effort to avoid them and change for the better. The facial feng shui class intrigued me because I never thought that one could proactively change his or her life by "replacing" their "facial organs."

One of the most exciting parts of the class was when the teacher gave individual advice to each student.

He told my friend she was "a second person" in her department and that the thin, long shape of her eyebrows coupled with their ending low on her face indicated that she was indecisive and tended to avoid problems at work. He also suggested that my friend, who is 36 years old, would soon become a mother of two: a boy and a girl.

He then asked me if he was correct. I replied, "No, she is the first person in her department."

I immediately felt that I had been too straightforward, and I quickly paid for it.

"You have little art in speaking, and sometimes your outspoken personality hurts people around you," he said. "Therefore you won't be very successful in a leadership role, and you need to find a husband who is tolerant and gentle."

"I read this from your eyebrows. The lines are too straight, and the ends are short," he added.

He recommended that both of us get semipermanent eyebrow tattoos done at his beauty studio. He could help us improve our personalities by giving us a new pair of eyebrows. One cannot rely on drawing in eyebrows every day to change their fate because we have to remove the makeup every night, and it greatly weakens the effect, he said.

Two days later, my friend told me she visited the teacher's studio and got the procedure. She spent 4,000 yuan ($592) to lift the ends of her eyebrows a little bit.

She looked younger in the photo she sent me. However, I decided not to go the semipermanent eyebrow route. I like drawing my eyebrows every morning and trying various cosmetics, which are not possible with semipermanent eyebrows. Wearing the same look for three years also makes me nervous. I'd rather have a new trendy look every season. But I will try to be a person who understands the art of speaking.

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