American media bigoted on Sino-US trade ties

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/7/20 16:53:39

The first China-US Comprehensive Economic Dialogue (CED) concluded in Washington on Wednesday with a canceled news conference. According to a brief statement issued by the US side, "China acknowledged our shared objective to reduce the trade deficit which both sides will work cooperatively to achieve." A Chinese statement said the two sides had a frank, friendly and constructive dialogue.

Western mainstream media chanted a pessimistic tune. It noted that the dialogue ended without reaching agreement on major issues, and predicted that the Sino-US honeymoon is over, and the Trump administration will adopt a more hard-line policy toward China.

The news conference was canceled and there was a reason behind it. But neither side emphasized disagreements after the dialogue, which is an important gesture.

The US media has a strong motivation to believe the Sino-US dialogue is falling apart. They may not really want a China-US economic confrontation to break out, but would like to see the Trump administration become a laughing stock.

Also, the US media does not understand the essence of the Sino-US trade issue. Blaming China alone for a bilateral trade imbalance is the error of a layman. The problem lies in the distorted US trade policy toward China. The US is reluctant to sell high tech products that China actually needs. Instead the US tries to promote the sale of genetically modified agricultural products and mediocre automobiles. However, China sells the US products that the US wants. How could the problem be fixed?

Through communication, US trade officials will realize that the problem stems from America's economic structure. Made-in-USA products meet low demand not just in China, but in many places in the world.

American universities are appealing to Chinese students. Washington should create more favorable conditions for Chinese to study in the US, rather than push Chinese customers to buy unattractive American automobiles.

China is a moderate country, and has no will to confront the US. But Beijing must stick to the bottom line of its national security. China is willing to help the US reduce its trade deficit, but China cannot solve the America's own problems.

Beijing is willing to make adjustments that bring no harm to Chinese national security and are meanwhile acceptable to the Chinese market, but will never make concessions beyond that scope, no matter how much pressure Washington imposes on China.

If Washington imposes punitive tariffs on Chinese goods, then a trade war will be triggered and China will certainly take retaliatory measures. A trade war will only result in lose-lose results, which does no good for the Trump administration.

The Trump administration should remain clear-minded amid pessimistic voices in the US media against Sino-US relations.

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