Chinese police crack down on pyramid selling

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/7/21 16:32:45

Chinese police have cracked down on a cultural company which was engaged in organizing and leading pyramid selling, according to the Ministry of Public Security Friday.

Zhang Tianming, legal representative of the company, and other suspects have been put under coercive measures, which may include summons by force, bail, residential surveillance, detention or arrest.

According to the primary investigation, under the guise of "helping the poor and achieving common wealth," Zhang and his cohorts plotted, manipulated and talked people into taking part in pyramid selling and swindled them out of huge amount of property.

The ministry said pyramid selling had occurred in recent years under the guises of mutual help in finance, charity, false currency, e-commerce, and WeChat marketing, severely infringing on people's property safety and disturbing social and economic order.

Police authorities will keep cracking down on such crime, maintain people's legitimate rights, and remind people to aware of such crime.

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